[School] Week three: 17th – 20th March

OMG! The LAN connection didn’t work for the whole weekend. I was super pissed because the person came, said it was fixed but my computer still didn’t have any internet access.

Miraculously it worked the next day after I came back from class. Wei Fang thinks it has something to do with the rain. As it was too heavy, it might have affected the LAN connection. Haix. Just pray hard that it doesn’t happen so often >.<

Oh oh! I had to change my Shampoo and Conditioner as the current one is making my hair drop :O Decided to change to Pantene, as I am more familiar with that and there is better review for it on the net for Korean Shampoo.

I also managed to settled most of the guestrooms for my trip with Gwen! EXCITED X infinity (: hehe^^ Left one more guestroom to settle.


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