[School] Week four – 24th to 28th March

Wei Fang and I went grocery shopping to get our toilet rolls, toothpaste, containers, etc. Since the items were not that bulky, we took the train back. Wei Fang and I took turns to lug the 30 rolls of toilet papers back to our dorm. I bet people must be looking at us and thinking why do we need so many toilet rolls πŸ˜› hahahahhaha ^^

2014-03-24 16.26.44

We bought snacks from a street stall. The kind snacks that Koreans eat. super nice *grin*2014-03-24 17.08.18




I spotted Cherry Blossom!!! Spring is here ^^ Can’t wait to see all the Cherry Blossom bloom (:
2014-03-26 10.34.05


We were crossing from 514 Business School to 516 Global Studies School, when we notice this construction looking machine & a lot of people wearing black down coat. After Weiqi asked her classmate, we found out that it was part of the engineering school’s Freshmen Orientation. They make two strangers stand in the platform, exchange numbers and do a “jiao bei jiu”. Their version of “jiao bei jiu” is not just crossing of hands… they have to go around the neck as well πŸ˜› So Open Ah ~~

2014-03-27 15.09.41

That day Weiqi was really angry with her group mate so Samantha, Siew Yee, Weiqi and I decided to go out at night and just wonder along the streets. We end up buying a shirt/pants each πŸ˜› We also had some street snack as the dorm dinner was really bad that night >.< We also wonder into a arcade and realised that we are one of the few girls there. There was really a lot of guys playing Β arcade games. We played basketball but only made it into the 2nd quarter >.< We also played the dance revolution and I accidentally chose hard. So Sam, Weiqi and I were frantically jumping as there was a lot of notes like right after one another πŸ˜›

2014-03-27 21.11.25

2014-03-27 21.44.06




Oh my alien card finally came! I am offically an “Alien” now. ^^Β 2014-03-27 22.41.15


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