[School] Week five – 31st March to 3rd April


I went to watch CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER at CGV Busan Uni ^^ Been wanting to watch it for a really long time ~~ and it hasn’t open in Singapore yet ๐Ÿ˜› I went in between my classes (3 hour break) to catch the movie ^^

2014-03-31 10.45.48

We had to film a scene from a US drama/movie for our G2:US class. Samantha, Weiqi and I enlisted to help of our roommates, those who say on level 6 ๐Ÿ˜› haha! We filmed the beginning few scenes from Sydney White, showing that a girl growing up with a single dad would not make her any different from the girls who grew up in a typical American Family ^^ There was of course quite a lot ofย NG scenes. There was one particular scene by Samantha and Siew Yee, it jsut made all of us laugh so hard that our stomach hard (:

2014-03-31 11.42.19

2014-03-31 11.42.42

2014-03-31 11.42.53

2014-03-31 11.44.05

2014-03-31 11.44.44

2014-03-31 19.49.07

2014-03-31 19.52.05


I went to the library for the first time on Thursday! Apparently we have to register for our seat in the library. Not sure how long one session is but yeah, SMU totally should have this.


2014-04-03 15.04.11

2014-04-03 15.04.14


We had a mini class gathering on Thurday 3rd April. Weiqi, Wei Fang, Sinye, Cheongsoo, MyungSun, Justin, Samantha (she tagged along) and I ~~~ We went to Outback to eat delicious fried chicken ~~~ but we didn’t drink beer with it. Shall do that we my cousin ^^ Weiqi has become like the class gathering IC. She arranged today’s dinner for Business History class and next Thursday dinner for G2:US class.

The four Koreans didn’t know one another before this class. They only know one another through us, so amazing! haha. && Justin and MyungSun just found out that they are neighbours today. Now they both have someone who can accompany them when they go to school or go back, if they want.

Oh ~ we discover another side to our classmate, MyungSun. He is super quiet in class, but he is really really animated! He is super funny and he likes Singapore a lot. He even learned Singlish from his Singapore friend, so he understands some Singlish that we were spoke.

We had so much fun that night. We must have meals with them again~ haha ^^

2014-04-03 18.17.39

2014-04-03 18.22.40

2014-04-03 18.46.51


I tried the caramel pudding that night too^^ it is nice but really sweet. not advisable. haha.

2014-04-03 21.46.49


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