[School] Week six – 7th to 11th Apr

I decided to go to the Children’s Grand Park in Busan on Wednesday. I thought it would be nice to talk a stroll in the park in the middle of the week. & oh what a “stroll” it was >.> It was at the base of a mountain !!! I had to climb up a bit of the mountain to reach the reservoir. Couldn’t continue as I had to rush back to make it in time for the dinner in my dorm. If not, I would have climbed further. Moreover, I was in a dress and sneakers that day! LOL! okie enough complaints …

I love the cube at the base of the mountain the most! Winnie the Pooh ❀

2014-04-09 16.49.24

There were pictures at the side to entertain you while you climb up the mountain ^^2014-04-09 16.57.14

I can totally sit here for one whole day just reading my storybook (:2014-04-09 17.06.03

2014-04-09 17.06.25

2014-04-09 17.06.46

Panorama shot of the Reservoir! Spring is really the best timing to go to nature parks (:

2014-04-09 17.13.52

The playground looks exactly like the ones back home! but of course minus the vandalism πŸ˜› To bad I am not a kid anymore ~~
2014-04-09 17.18.18

If you look closely there is actually people playing badminton and is older people. They actually climb the mountain to play badminton πŸ˜›
2014-04-09 17.32.55


Had class dinner with my G2:US classmates. We ate chicken again but we drank beer this time round. We didn’t want to trouble the store owner anymore, as we were talking really really loud, so we moved to another location. We went to eat Sul Bing!! Although it was a cold weather, the Sul Bing was still awesome ~~ ((:
2014-04-10 20.25.40



On 11th April I helped to organised DGS’ (department of global studies) first forum and the topic was on Multiculturalism. Well I was interested in the topic and … yeah I guess I miss organising an event πŸ˜› It went well for a first forum haha. I didn’t have any experience organising a forum, just attending them. The profs said we did well, but I felt like we didn’t do much as the points they bought up had no significant impact in Singapore. For example how officers would treat their citizens who have migrated overseas, Singapore as a whole would be more than happy to have them back and the customs officer would treat them with a smile (: Oh maybe it is just my wishful thinking that Singaporeans are generally nice people ^^

Sorim & Hassan presenting about the topic to get the forum going ~


Weiqi and WeiFang attended the forum to support me! thanks you girls ~~

Profess Ryo talking about whether is Korea or Japan considered to be Multicultural.1010219_10152297644036418_7460554883671469510_n


Professor Amy Levine talking about “ghettos” in each country. “Ghetto” means an area where the migrants tend to gather at, like Chinatown all over the world.





Profess Cecile Hwang talking about Filipino bridesΒ living in Gyeongnam.10154263_10152297645111418_7512762231661509222_n
Profess Roberta Jenkins talking about Koreans living in New Zealand and why Koreans Β would want to choose New Zealand as their top choices for migration. She had some input from Yujin (PNU student) who had class at that timing.Β 10246785_10152297642606418_4283103990282140038_n

The student organisers for this event: Sorim & Hassan (presenters), So Eun & me (moderators) and Yu Jin (who is at class)10007493_10152297627466418_1687851651574418721_n

Audience, Student organisers & Professors (:

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