[School] Week 7: 14th – 18th April





I did my first shipment! OMG! I had a hard time carrying down the box to the bus and to the post office, though the post office is in PNU πŸ˜› 11.78kg is not easy okie ~~ well at least I got all my albums safety back in Singapore now (:

2014-04-14 15.35.46

I went Sajik Baseball Stadium to see what is it like and to shop for the baseball jackets & shirts. The stadium is really huge~~ I found the shop very quickly as it was on the first floor hehe ^^ ohh but the price is expensive man ~~ the only available jacket is a wind-breaker (suitable for Singapore) and the price isΒ 90,000 won.Β O~M~G~!!!! give up on the jacket. decided to just focus on shirts only. But the shirts also not cheap, range all the way to 90,000 won >.< So I only like at the cheaper few and designs are really nice (: Bought for the boys, Sam, Bo Teh, Dad and me. Gwen and I shall buy our couple tee when she gets here ~~

2014-04-16 15.51.30


On Thursday I had to unclog my own toilet! WHAT THE HELL!!! okie lah i managed to unclog but seriously~~ their sewage system got so bad meh?? We didn’t even throw tissue in, we only do big business lor ~~ haix …

On Friday we went to Ediya cafe to study~~ hehe I am the kind who cannot stay in the room all week >.< after 2-3 hours of studying, we went to buy some stationary and ateΒ μ‚Ό toast ^^ so delicious~~ The auntie put salad, ham, egg, mustard, tomato and apple slides! weird mix but tast so good πŸ˜›
2014-04-18 14.23.39

2014-04-18 17.38.20

2014-04-18 17.41.26

Did a mini map of the overview of Gwen & my trip(: I am so impressed by my drawing ^^

2014-04-18 21.41.26

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