[School] Weekends : 19th – 20th April (:

We stayed in to study in the afternoon and then went out in the evening to Haeundae Beach. I have no idea what we were thinking when we decided to go there at night in Spring πŸ˜› We wanted to eat at The Booth, but it was more famous for its beer than the pizza. Moreover we were like deprived of meat, because the dorm serve more vegetables than meat. To the extent, they served us four vegetables and no meat πŸ˜› So when we arrived at Haeundae (after the torturing long bus ride), we decided to eat BBQ meat instead. HAHAHAHA!!!

We were commenting that we ordered a lot of meat as the Koreans like order a plate or two, we ordered 6 plates:P but well, 6 plates is like a normal amount we order in Singapore! ^^ I also order the tin lunch box. At first when I was shaking it… I was hesitant as I was super afraid the food will come out from the box, but it didn’t~~ well it isn’t meant too anyway.

2014-04-19 19.09.55

2014-04-19 19.19.57




I think we are really crazy!!! It was so cold at the beach but the sea was really calming. Β We took self shots and shadow shots (: Oh there were people setting fireworks!! 내가이 λΆˆκ½ƒ 놀이λ₯Ό μ„€μ •ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ λ‹€μŒ μ‹œκ°„ ~~

2014-04-19 20.12.05

2014-04-19 20.13.32

2014-04-19 20.14.45

2014-04-19 20.28.44





On Sunday we met with Sim Ai’s & Weiqi’s friend. We went Jagalchi again and ordered raw fish, BBQ eel and fried fish. It was really a lot for 8 girls πŸ˜› They also gave prawn and eggs as “service”. BBQ eel was really good but the raw fish … okie only. I think I prefer my Japanese salmon sashimi (:

2014-04-20 12.37.57

2014-04-20 12.40.05

2014-04-20 12.40.19


After we sent their friends to Gamcheon Cultural Village, we walked to the book street which Running Man. OMG! It is my heaven … okie only 5% heaven haha (: because it is only 5% is English book >.< But better than only.. I actually managed to buy 1 English book (: Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons ^^

2014-04-20 14.49.51

2014-04-20 14.52.41

While we were at the book street, a few girls came up to us and gave us a packet of 2 eggs and yakult (: after while we realised that it was Easter Sunday. so nice, we actually don’t get to see it so often in Singapore. There was really a lot of Koreans who went around giving free eggs and yakults to the public.

2014-04-20 14.54.50

2014-04-20 14.54.59

2014-04-20 15.02.21

2014-04-20 15.10.37

2014-04-20 19.33.50



After hours of shopping, we went to the famous stall that Yoo Jae Suk went during his running man mission. There were stalls in a row which sold Patbingsoo and Red Bean Porridge only, and all the stalls had a lot of customers. They even add in rice cake into the Red Bean Porridge ^^ so nice. I totally want to eat it again (:

2014-04-20 15.45.23

2014-04-20 15.46.43



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