[School] Weekends – 10th to 11th May




On Saturday, I went with Sing Yee, Nat and Dan Lim to Seomyeon for a mini-shopping spree. I went H&M and brought another 2 dresses >< Oh man need control or I can’t shop with when Gwen comes πŸ˜› After that we headed to Seomyeon Lotte Departmental Store. We arrived at the Lotte Duty Free @ level 8 but … it was overcrowded with China tourist. OMG i literally had a headache T.T So we headed to the supermarket at basement to buy the brownies that the rest want to ship back.

I was in awe when the 3 of them are like “ransacking” the rack of brownies. Dan lim bought a basket full of brownies, close to 20+ boxes. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


On Sunday, I met Sim Ai, Sing Yee and Nat for lunch near Busan Museum of Art. We at Army stew for the 3rd time at a roadside stall. After that we went to Busan Museum of Art and visit the exhibition, that is free admission. Since art is all about pictures, i shall not type further…

2014-05-11 14.47.46

2014-05-11 14.58.27

2014-05-11 15.01.16

2014-05-11 15.01.36

2014-05-11 15.04.24

2014-05-11 15.06.04

2014-05-11 15.09.54

2014-05-11 15.11.16

2014-05-11 15.16.57

2014-05-11 15.24.43

2014-05-11 15.30.44

2014-05-11 15.31.27

2014-05-11 15.31.44

2014-05-11 15.32.53

2014-05-11 15.33.08

2014-05-11 15.33.21

2014-05-11 15.34.12

2014-05-11 15.34.56

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