[School] 23rd to 25th May

Our trip to Suncheon and Yeosu~~ We took the S-train there, which was just newly opened and only have one ride form Busan to Yeosu-Expo and one way back (: Every carriage is like a pandora box, with the 1st 2 carriage filled with seats, the 3rd carriage is the Cafe, the 4th carriage is the Tea Room and the last carriage is the Noraebang room πŸ˜› So pretty ~~ But the the ride from Busan to Suncheon was too early, so we just walked around and then went back to rest at our seats.Β 





After we alighted at Suncheon station, we walked to the nearby shops to find a lunch place. We just kept walking determined to find a decent place to eat. After walking one big round, we finally found a kalguksu stall. We ordered a soybean kalguksu which is really nutritious but a bit bland after a while as it was a really huge bowl.Β 



We took a cab to Suncheon Open Film set where many dramas filmed here before, including Running Man. However when we were there they were re-constructing the place, so we concluded that there must be some drama that is going to be filmed there soon. It was really fun there (: but the steps at the village was really steep and high. I wonder how did they play Running Man there~~ haha


I had to bend really low to enter the house in the village. How do the people live in the past?! I even had to bend down do that I can capture a picture of Fang at the door.Β 


OMG! This can totally be a scene in Running Man. Where Fang is standing is a highly likely possible location where Jongkook would stand at.Β Image


After venturing around the film set, we cabbed to Suncheon Garden Expo. I arrived there in the late afternoon, so we could venture to the whole Bay. We only managed to cover the East side of the Garden (all the garden of the world). It is picture moment every second haha ~~Β 




The next day we started our day with a stroll to Odong-do. It is a mini island near the Yeosu-expo. I found a bike station there, however our alien registration number does not allow us to rent the bikes hence I am unable to ride one T.TΒ 


Today we were determined to get decent food again and we found similar shop like the one in Suncheon. I got to eat pumpkin porridge again ~~ so nice but too much πŸ˜›



WE headed to the Hangilram temple. It was such a steep slope to climb up to the entrance and when we though it was over, there was numerous more flights of steps again >.< The view was nice but it was tiring as I was completely not prepared for it lor πŸ˜›


We had ice cream at the cafe after we came down from the temple, as we were trying to find out where the soy sauce crab place was. I had strawberry ice cream ~~ not too sour nor is was it too sweet.Β 


We walked a really long road to get to the shop. It was amongst the street that was structured into a grid, so I had a easy time counting the number of streets before reaching the stall. We didn’t even know that it was the Running Man one. We just found it on the web. When we sat down we wanted to read the menu to figure out what to order, but the lady started to put dishes on our table and we were shocked. We keep wondering if we ordered already or was it wrong order. After that we realised thatΒ it was 8000 per person and refillable. We didn’t ask for refill as it was just nice for 3 of us. Raw crab is nice but I miss Singapore’s Chilli Crab, Butter Crab and Salted Crab.Β 


We walked along the harbour to digest our food and since we had no where else to go to. We came across a map of the world and they even labeled the countries!! We immediately found Singapore and stood there to take a picture (pardon the picture as it is upside down). I tried to take a panorama too and only succeeded once, as there were a lot people walking around.Β ImageImageImageImage

This is the mascot for Yeosu Expo 2012, Yeony & Suny (: Though expo ended, they are still everyway ~~


We passed by yet another windmill. If you noticed the floor, it has a lot of starship that people took and put on the floor to spell hangul words. Seriously ~~ they are killing a lot of starfishes 😦


The night view of Dolsan bridge!Β Image

After aimlessly walking around, we decided to take a cab back as the roads that we wanted to walk along were tunnels. It was still early so we headed to Noraebang and we found the song that would get Fang to start singing into the mic (: hahahahahahahahahahahaImage

The last day we bought kimbap and bap burger to eat for our picnic lunch at the expo benches. After that we walked to the Aqua planet to visit the Beluga whale. There was really really very little people around when we were walking around Yeosu, until we question the population size there. haha (: Only when we reached the Aqua planet, then we realised where the Yeosu population was at and really a lot of kids πŸ˜›

Β ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

During the Beluga whale show, the whales come really close to us and even splash water onto us πŸ˜›


Weiqi and her beluga whale ~~ Finally she managed to buy it (:Image

We got to experience the tea room on our trip back. The tea is not bad for 2,000won (: We sat there for 2 station distance before heading back to our own seats and rest (: Oh oh another got part about S-train, every seat had a plug!!!!Image

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