[School] Week 13: 2nd to 6th June

Had a dinner gathering with my buddy group on Tuesday. We went to a nearby stall to eat Korean sashimi. I finally got to try live octopus! OMG! it is really scary … at first ~~ haha! I can totally fill it moving in my mouth, so I had to chew it fast to prevent it from sticking to the sides of my mouth. After dinner, we went to Cafe Bene for desert and just continue chatting random topics πŸ˜› The patbingsu we had was really huge!!

2014-06-03 18.29.57

2014-06-03 18.36.49

2014-06-03 18.45.49

2014-06-03 18.53.50

2014-06-03 19.50.56

2014-06-03 19.58.39

On Wednesday, I decided to go cafe-hopping as there is way too many cafes and I have not been to most of it. I managed to visit 3 this time — ‘Noh’s Coffee’ , ‘ Sleepless in Seatle’ & ‘ Slowly coffee and roaster’. I also had my first try at Americano and I still can’t figure out why Koreans like it πŸ˜› According to my classmate, it is just to keep them awake in class. It just taste too bitter and there is so many other types of coffee available lor πŸ˜› Haha! Shall head to more cafes this weekend (:

Noh's Coffee

Sleepless in Seattle

Slowly coffee & roasters

At night (on wednesday), I met up with my Business History classmates, Weiqi and Wei Fang for dinner gather. We did not take a lot of meat but we were very full from it. We also mentioned a few secrets that would be kept amongst us only~~ shhhhh~~~~ haha (: They are really the most comical group of Korean friends I have met on this exchange. We felt like packing them with us and bring back to Singapore with us πŸ˜›

2014-06-04 19.09.59

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