[Travelling] Gwen’s trip: 18th June to 4th July

*PS my post from now on will be relatively short and lesser photos as I am too tired from all the travelling and cannot remember much details is I post too long later :P*


Super Super happy that Gwen got a chance to come over and travel together. Despite all the quarrelling and crying, there was much more happiness and joy that washed it all away (:
We got to travel to 11 cities in South Korea in just 17 days, from Busan to Daegu to Seoul. Woohoo^^

Something that was unforgettable was the two of us lugging our 4 luggages, 2 backpacks and pillow case from one guest house to another >.< At every guest house, they would ask us why we have so many bags and even a pillow πŸ˜›

Another unforgettable thing was our shipping weight! Haha(: It was freaking 27kg lor πŸ˜› Same amount as an additional luggage >.< I really packed everything tight tight and filled as much stuff as possible into the size 6 shipping box.

I cannot wait for more of such trips in Singapore and overseas ((:


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