[Travelling] 5th July with Rynn

After sending Gwen off to Incheon Airport, I rushed back to meet Zhuwei to watchΒ Singin in the Rain musical. Yeah get to see KyuHyun and Sunny perform live (: KyuHyun is good no wonder he perform in so many musicals. Sunny is okie, but can hear her breathing when she was performing the dance part.


Managed to snap this shot before the staff realised πŸ˜›




5th July marks the start of my last month in Korea for exchange (:

Met Rynn in the morning to go to Tongin Market. At Tongin Market, we exchange 5000 won for 10 500won brass coin and a lunchbox. We walked down the market lane and exchange our coins for any food that we wanted. Rynn and I shared our meal so that we can try out as many food as possible. We even managed to keep one coin for keepsake and yet filled our stomachs with good food ^^





After the meal, we headed to Apgujeong area to visit the Entertainment companies.

At SM Entertainment, we head some music from the practice room so we deduced that they were preparing for some upcoming performances. Maybe we will get to see the performance on some concert in the future, then we will know who was at the practice room when we were there πŸ˜›






We walked past FNC Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment. We kept asking people for directions when it could actually be found after we turn one corner. Haha. We decided to rest at CUBE cafe and treat ourselves to some desert πŸ˜› The desert was nice, but too sweet due to the syrup haha. The lemonade was refreshing and guess the name …. CUBE-ade! Haha.


To end of the day, we met up with the rest for some baseball action ^^ We got to watch the best team, Samsung Lions (3 times returning Champions form 2011-2013), and the dark horse, Doosan Bears (the team is considerably young compared to the rest). We sat at the home team side, which was Doosan Bears, but they lose the game that day T.T We decided that we were going to watch another match between LG Twins and Lotte Giants! Yeah Lotte Giants (: I will wear the Lotte shirt to the match.


15 16

17 18







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