[Travelling] Jeju Trip: 6th to 10th July

Jeju, Here I Come !!!!!!!


On Monday, I waited with Zhuwei to pick her mum and her aunt up from Incheon Airport and headed to Gimpo Airport to catch our night flight to Jeju-do. By the time we reached the guesthouse, I was tired due to my cough so I bath and slept.


The next day, we made French toast for breakfast while waiting for the tour guide to arrive. As it was the only sunny day (as of the morning when we checked the weather forecast), our tour guide advised us to go to the outdoor activities on the first day. So we headed to Mangang Lava Cave first. It was really warm outside, but once we climbed down it was really cold. Moreover it rained the day before, so the cava was like drizzling  throughout our journey. We walked for like 1Km to get to the stone statue and back another 1Km to get back to the entrance.




We visited a coastal beach which I have no idea what the name is 😛 But it was rather scenic with one side of the sky shinning brightly and another side gloomy with clouds. We went for lunch so that we would have energy to climb up the Sunrise Peak.



Though the distance up the Sunrise Peak was only half the distance up my school to my dorm, it was all stairs and not slope so it was more tiring for me. Lucky got Rynn to keep me going, if not I wouldn’t have gone up that mountain again >.<4


We made our last stop at the Folk Village but I still felt the previous folk village that my tour bought me to was much better. This one was just a small area as there are people still leaving in the village. The Korean government gives them free education from young and takes care of their well being. They only do not pay for the modern renovations that the villagers want to include in their houses. 6


Our tour guide dropped us off at the Jungang market, where we managed to buy the Jeju chocolate and rice crunch. We also got to eat the famous black pork which taste the same and look the same as normal pork.


On Tuesday, our tour guide brought us to the Pony Farm to see cute ponies(: There are white ones, brown ones and black ones!


As the weather was still sunny, we managed to see the Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls. However it was flooded with China tourists too, so a lot of our photos had China tourists in it or them refusing to move out of our photo 😛 The weather in Jeju was really warm, so I had to keep fanning myself to cool myself down haha.




After lunch, we headed to the Teddy Bear Museum ^^ Another round of Teddy bear ~~~ Yipee ((: We would have a fun time taking photos if the aircon was switched on properly >.< I took most of the photos quickly and then focus on fanning myself. There is really a lot a lot of teddy bears around.



There is even a whole cupboard of Winnie The Pooh bears ^^ OMG !!!!!!!!!! My heaven ❤






Our last attraction for the day was O’sulloc Tea Museum. It was really small, so we headed to the store and got quite a lot of tea back. I brought cold green tea sticks, strawberry tea bags & caramel tea bags. I also got to eat the famous Green Tea Swiss Roll. But it was full of cream and only the sponge cake was green tea. I think I will go to the O’sulloc shops in Seoul and try the black swiss cake, which is filled with green tea cream in the center (: We went to the Innisfree shop as well but I wasn’t an innisfree fan, so Rynn and I headed outside to take photos with the tea plantation instead.




On Wednesday, our last tour day, there was a passing typhoon that was hitting Japan. So we had to go all the indoor attractions. Our tour guide had to drive really carefully as he kept holding on the steering wheel and turning it such that the car does not get “blown” off our course. He was kept calm so I believe he had drove in a  typhoon before (:

We visited the Alive Museum. Rynn and I took a really long time as we were taking photos with almost every piece of art. Hehe. We had cheesecake for lunch as there was no nice abalone porridge nearby and on the way to our next location.










Our second last attraction was Locadio drama set, where they rebuilt some parts of the filming sets for some dramas. We spent a really long time trying all the different traditional costume for the various status in the palace. After we finish trying all the clothings, they place was in a bit of a mess. Haha but we also didn’t know how to put the stuff back as the other tourists also tried the clothings and left it dangling everywhere.




2014-07-09 14.01.30

We finally got to try Jeju’s abalone porridge, which was okie to me. I am not really a fan of abalone so it was just okie for me. After dinner, we went to watch Nanta Jeju. We kept on laughing all the way. The actors even interacted with the audience really well. It was super worthed it (:

2014-07-09 16.49.42

2014-07-09 16.49.52

As the typhoon was still strong, we went to a convenience stall to grab our dinner and went back to the guesthouse to make eggs as well. Not bad, given that it  was my first few times cooking eggs 😛

2014-07-09 20.03.04


We flew back on 10th July in the morning. Wei Fang and I moved some of our stuff to Urban Camp and rested till night. That night, I went to watch CATS musical (:

2014-07-10 19.05.45


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