[Travelling] 28th to 31st July

28th July: Market O Cafe

Wei Fang and I met up with Sim Ai and her boyfriend to have brunch at Market O Cafe. Wei Fang has been mentioning about it since before we left our dorm for Seoul. The whole menu looked so delicious, we wanted to eat almost everything but it was too much. We only ordered a brunch meal, Super Benedict Brunch, as it was very filling. Fang and I bought 3 pieces of brownies and their sesame bread back for dinner, as we saw a lot ahjummas in the store eating it for tea time πŸ˜›


Headed to Myeongdong after that to grab some cosmetic stuff and more Market O brownies as there was a slight sales at Olive Young. As the brownies were kind of heavy, we decided to head back and start packing some of our stuff so that we can gauge how much space we are left with.


29th July: Rail Biking

Yeah! I finally got to do rail bike and we even got it on discount πŸ˜› haha ((: I think because there was 4 of us it was much easier to ride. The couples in front of us were riding quite slowly and relaxing, so had to ride really slowly and took turns to ride. It was run and worth the money, though I think the scenery here is not that fantastic πŸ˜›





We ate chimaek, another like a finally πŸ˜› Though I am craving for Outdark >.< haha! After our meal, we headed to emart to get our last amount of groceries. I got to buy my WATERMELON!!!! hehehehe ^^ Bought French Cafe coffee to bring back, along with the super load amount of brownies.


30th July: Entertainment Hopping Part 1 (Mapo) & Hongdae


31st July: Riding bicycle @Β 

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