Day 2 of “$5 a day” challenge

*I had to skip yesterday as Β I had always agreed to go out with my cousin for my 22nd birthday celebration*


Reflection on my day 2 of “$5 a day”

Though I exceeded my budget by a bit, I think it is not that bad. Hopefully.

Going for events that are sponsored and you do not need to pay a cent are not a very bad thing. We can look at it from a positive light, where we are helping the event organisers by participating in the event. In the case of the International Food Trail 2014 by SMU ICON and SMU Roots, the facilitators are providing a service to the organisers by helping to introduce the full-time international students and exchange students into SMU’s lifestyle and Singapore food.


Breakfast: $0

Lunch: $0Β (Sponsored by SMU OGL for International Food Trail 2014 as I joined as a Facilitator)

Dinner: $2.00

Transport: $3.60Β 


Total: $5.60

Day 1 of “$5 a day” challenge!!

At first when my Socsc Capstone profs gave us this challenge, I thought to myself “why not?”. I have been living on average about $10-$12 per day for the past 3 years in SMU.

But then, when prof mentioned about what theyΒ experience with $5 a day I started to consider a lot of things. Public transportation to and fro alone would hit $5 each day. How is one going to travel to school? Even if our parents can send us to school and it wouldn’t cost us a cent, the youth offenders and low income families do not have such a privilege.

To avoid eating out as that would cost more money, we can always eat home cook food. However prof brought up a point about them possibly not enough money at the beginning to buy in bulk and cook at home to save cost. Though I empathize with the situation, I will try my best to simulate the situation but it is unavoidable as I personally thing by doing so I will affect the lifestyle of my family. I do not want to keep spending money outside when I can eat at home, since my grandma has already brought a lot of food to cook for the next week.

Maybe I will try this “$5 a day” challenge when I get a chance to live on my own for 7 days, without affecting the lifestyle and expenses of my family.


Reflections for Day 1

I think it isn’t a bad start for the first day, since I slept till 12pm plus and got to skip breakfast. However I would think that it is common for the lower income families to skip their breakfast to save money, or they might probably eat a slice of bread to last them till afternoon time before they buy their “lunch cum dinner”.

Another thing I find hard to put a price to is transportation. My dad fetches me to and fro daily. This is something I would probably need to put aside when emphasizing the situation the youth offenders are living in. It is a privilege given to me and my dad will probably kill me if I do not take his car, as it will help to save cost for the family.



Breakfast: $0

Lunch: $2.50 (Fried Kway Teow)

Dinner: $1.50 (Home cooked meal, divided the total amount be the number of people)

Transportation: $? (My dad fetched me to school)


Total:Β $4.00 ++

My heart is still in Korea ~~~

I miss Korea!! & my mum made jajangmyeon today πŸ˜› Haha!

Still keeping myself up to date with all the dramas and variety shows that is broadcasting at the current moment, even baseball (:Β 

Shall live my last academic (before I go to work) like I am on exchange~~ more outings less school work. I hope πŸ˜›

I am back ^^

It has been 5 days since I got back from South Korean. I seems like I have not left for the past 5 months haha. Slowly easing back into life in SG. Just haven been back to SMU and I kind of promise my mum that I need to “stay away” from there more often haha (:

[Travelling] 6th to 9th August

6th August: Sinchon & Edae

We wanted to queue for the cream bun that only opens from 12pm to 12.20pm, but we already predicted that we would not wake up in time to reach there. In the end we overslept till 12pm plus. Went to Sinchon for desert first before we start shopping. I think what Fang say is right, I bought what I want from this season so I have nothing to buy today. We slacked at Donkin since it was raining heavily. Then we went to Seoga & Cook for dinner. Missed it a lot(:


7th August: Meet up with Bernice

Got to sleep in late today before slacking and watching shows till it was time for me to meet Bernice. Since Bernice wanted BBQ meat, I decided to meet her at Hongdae to BBQ meat buffet. Rare occasion to meet a Singaporean in a foreign country. Had a great time catching up and her telling me about her adventures in Korea thus far. We did a bit of shopping around Hongdae before we both went home.


2014-08-07 20.50.12



8th August:Β EmbassyΒ of Singapore & Myeongdong

We headed to Embassy of Singapore at City Hall station. Before we arrived, we were quite excited hoping to get a Singapore Flag as National Day is tomorrow but it turned out that they did not have any flags. The building is really atas lor, the toilet too!!!

When we were at the Seoul Finance Building, we saw a group of people resting with mats and hats outside the building while policemen were standing nearby. Have not seen any protest before, and hoping not to πŸ˜›

2014-08-08 14.48.35

2014-08-08 14.48.54

2014-08-08 14.54.26


We separated and walked around to get what one another want. Since I really had nothing to get (though we had gotten our rent deposit back), I decided to get some snacks to eat. Thanks to the 32cm ice cream and the need to wash my hand, I aimlessly walked around myeongdong thinking that there was some KFC or Mcdonald’s which I could use the toilet. Suddenly I saw camera and screens, so I figured that there should be some drama filming. I even asked in Korean to figure out who was filming. The lady told me the two names and I initially only caught one name, Lee Seo Jin. Only after I typed to the girls then I knew that they were filming Wonderful Days and that the lady was Kim Hee Sun. I immediately texted my mum and send her the photos ^^ Such a nice present from Korea before we leave.

2014-08-08 16.57.50

2014-08-08 16.58.27

2014-08-08 16.58.32


Β 9th August: Ahjumma storeΒ & Incheon Int’l Airport

My last day in South Korea! We finish washing up and packing our stuff in record time of 1 hour, compared to our usual 2 hours πŸ˜› Hehe. I bet we were all too excited to go home. We went to the Ahjumma’s store for our last proper meal in Seoul. Had one of my favourite … Guguma Tonkatsu (Sweet Potato Pork Cutlet). We spent about an hour to clear the apartment and watch one ep of Running man before we left for the airport.

2014-08-09 14.19.35

2014-08-09 14.20.44

When we arrived at the airport, we had to settle our visa card as we overstayed in South Korea. Luckily the officer was in a good mood and we settled it quite fast. When we went back to the check-in counters, they kindly directed us to another counter so that we do not need to queue again to check -in. All of us, except me, exceeded the weight limit by 2-3kg. I think it was because of my luggage size that help to limit me from putting too much into my luggage. My hand luggage on the other hand exceeded by 1kg but they let me pass, i guess it was because we were on our way back from a long stay hence they agreed to let us go πŸ˜›

Watched movies and listen to music mv on the plane. After a while we got kind of bored and started talking to the lady sit next to Fang and I. & she is a Singaporean. We found out that she is a shop owner of a blog shop at Far East Plaza and was bringing in clothes from South Korea, maybe I can go that to get some new stocks from South Korea ^^

Okie really tired from the night flight. Off to Lalaland ~~