Day 1 of “$5 a day” challenge!!

At first when my Socsc Capstone profs gave us this challenge, I thought to myself “why not?”. I have been living on average about $10-$12 per day for the past 3 years in SMU.

But then, when prof mentioned about what theyΒ experience with $5 a day I started to consider a lot of things. Public transportation to and fro alone would hit $5 each day. How is one going to travel to school? Even if our parents can send us to school and it wouldn’t cost us a cent, the youth offenders and low income families do not have such a privilege.

To avoid eating out as that would cost more money, we can always eat home cook food. However prof brought up a point about them possibly not enough money at the beginning to buy in bulk and cook at home to save cost. Though I empathize with the situation, I will try my best to simulate the situation but it is unavoidable as I personally thing by doing so I will affect the lifestyle of my family. I do not want to keep spending money outside when I can eat at home, since my grandma has already brought a lot of food to cook for the next week.

Maybe I will try this “$5 a day” challenge when I get a chance to live on my own for 7 days, without affecting the lifestyle and expenses of my family.


Reflections for Day 1

I think it isn’t a bad start for the first day, since I slept till 12pm plus and got to skip breakfast. However I would think that it is common for the lower income families to skip their breakfast to save money, or they might probably eat a slice of bread to last them till afternoon time before they buy their “lunch cum dinner”.

Another thing I find hard to put a price to is transportation. My dad fetches me to and fro daily. This is something I would probably need to put aside when emphasizing the situation the youth offenders are living in. It is a privilege given to me and my dad will probably kill me if I do not take his car, as it will help to save cost for the family.



Breakfast: $0

Lunch: $2.50 (Fried Kway Teow)

Dinner: $1.50 (Home cooked meal, divided the total amount be the number of people)

Transportation: $? (My dad fetched me to school)


Total:Β $4.00 ++


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