Day 2 of “$5 a day” challenge

*I had to skip yesterday as  I had always agreed to go out with my cousin for my 22nd birthday celebration*


Reflection on my day 2 of “$5 a day”

Though I exceeded my budget by a bit, I think it is not that bad. Hopefully.

Going for events that are sponsored and you do not need to pay a cent are not a very bad thing. We can look at it from a positive light, where we are helping the event organisers by participating in the event. In the case of the International Food Trail 2014 by SMU ICON and SMU Roots, the facilitators are providing a service to the organisers by helping to introduce the full-time international students and exchange students into SMU’s lifestyle and Singapore food.


Breakfast: $0

Lunch: $0 (Sponsored by SMU OGL for International Food Trail 2014 as I joined as a Facilitator)

Dinner: $2.00

Transport: $3.60 


Total: $5.60


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