3rd week into the semester ~~

Still trying to get use my class schedule, even though I have a relatively nice schedule of 3-day work week (: Β I think the problem is the Tues 8.15am & 7pm class, with 7 hours in between of doing nothing >.< Past two weeks I had to lunch appointments, while this week I got a chance to go back to rest. I really slept from 1pm till 4pm plus. My mum and I was commenting that I was wasting my afternoon away T.T Haha ^^


Surprisingly, am not into much CCA stuff this semester. wanted to join org comm or organisations, but decided not to submit the application in the end. My hands are itching to “join” some CCA stuff but I am going to resist it (:Β I think I want to focus on SMU Challenge for this next academic year and on~~ partly because I really want to get my part-time internship next sem (as I only have 3 mods to complete next sem) and hopefully it will become my full time job in the future πŸ˜›

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