Quick Update ^^

As of today, 1 month has offically past ~~

Going to make a point to keep blogging once a week, so that in the future when I want to reminisce about the past I can just “remember” through my blog (:

Kind of realised this after I came back from exchange though πŸ˜›

August 23rd

Joined SMU ICON & SMU Roots’ International Food Trail for my buddy group!

Though none of us had really met before, we got along really well.

I hope it was a good experience for the international & exchange students πŸ˜›

2014-08-23 14.01.35


August 30thΒ 

First aid duty for UPS Charity Run.

First time covering first aid duties for a non-SMU event.

I was praying that nothing goes wrong for their own good & for mine, so that I do not need to perform first aid duties πŸ˜›

2014-08-30 07.29.35

September 6thΒ 

Late night dinner with family at Lau Pa Sat ❀

My mum actually bought along her own paper box so that we can throw the shell neatly, rather than on the table πŸ˜› Smart Mum ^^

We had 3 rounds of food, but I was too hungry to eat the satay that I only took photo of 2 sets πŸ˜€

2014-09-06 21.33.28


2014-09-06 21.50.25



$1 ice cream ((:

Cannot really say this is a dying trade as there is still quite a number of ice cream man around Singapore, but it is rare that I am at home and the ice cream man came to my house void deck ^^

2014-08-31 16.24.07





August 22nd

Thanks to this girl for accompanying me to celebrate my birthday!!

Lunch @ Dean & Deluca

followed by getting a Airbrush Tattoo

followed by attending SMU Vivace (she wanted to join one of the club, but too bad they can’t take in non-SMU student)

followed by Karaoke @ Teo Heng




2014-08-22 13.07.55

2014-08-22 13.31.06

2014-08-22 14.12.43

August 14th



I wanted to catch them at Seoul at the Hyundai City Break, but they were performing on the day we left for home >.< Luckily Doreen saw the news online & I quickly texted Gwen & bought out tickets (:

Thought it was only for 1.5 hours, the atmosphere was still very high!!





2014-08-14 20.01.10

2014-08-14 21.32.24






Now I cannot wait for this Sunday as we are going for our second concert together ….


in Singapore !!!!!!!

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