소녀시대 as 8 angels instead <3

Wow! 2014 has been very very very uneventful for SMTown. First Kris leaves EXO, then Sulli take indefinite leave from F(x), Jessica is kicked out of SNSD and now Luhan leaves EXO.

I think for Kris and Luhan’s cases, the foreigner members issues seems to be apparent since Hangeng’s case. I really wonder how SM handles and treats their foreign members. Is it really that bad? But then again SM is so “careful” with their PR team and hides all the stories from their side, such that fans are not able to get the full story and morally decides who is right.

As for Jessica’s case, all I get is Jessica’s side of the story and doubtful stories from the news outlet, which many might believed that they are bought over by SM. I mean SM is a really big company with connections. Go figure.


I hope all this blows over soon and nicely. I just want to see SM artist producing music, attending variety shows and feel at peace when representing SMTown to the public. Even is SNSD is now 8 people or going to disband soon after a few more years (when their contract ends), I will still support you girls!!! ❤  소녀시대 사랑합니다

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