Yes! one module completed! 4 more to go ((:

The last academic year in SMU is really slightly more relaxing (:

my schedule over the last few weeks of classes gradually lessens from 5 class in week 11 to 1 class in week 13 πŸ˜› I mean yeah I am skipping some classes which only had presentations *innocent face*

Just completed my Asia Pacific Business module! officially still have 1 more class but it is all presentations.Β For the sake of the other modules and more for my relaxation, I decided not to go for the last class haha. Prof kept mentioning that even though report has been submitted (our grade depends on report only), we are still running for the top 3 groups in our class to present to the CEOs/representative. She also “consoled” us that our report is much better now, as compared to the proposal stage, and we can aim for the grand prize. But really what was in our minds were, ” we want the grade, we don’t even care about the grand prize :P”


Longest day of my life …

First time I spend more than 4 hours in a project meeting.

Best part yet? It happens during my 2nd last semester in SMU.

Worst part?! I have an overbearing groupmate and the person is an exchange student. I am tempted to kill the person right now. The person says things as if she is always right and she is always “words without actions”. I am actually fine if she corrects me in language or how it is presented, but sometimes I personally feels that she does not bother to find out if there is a reason why I (or the team) does things in a certain manner here (as in Singapore).

μ™”μ–΄!!! Its back ((:

Finally after almost 3 months, I am able to get my momentum back ^^ I am finally able to complete more than one assignment in one day and not get super easily distracted when doing my work. Thankfully it came at an appropriate timing when it is project crunch time in SMU!

Well I shall not delay it further and go back to completely my work ^^

Need back my momentum :(

Been listening to a lot of ballad songs recently… and yeah, it is kind of indicating my mood at this point of time. Kind of want to just be left alone and don’t want to go out with people (even my family too at times). I am not sure if it is because of exchange, when I was constantly with friends for 5.5 months, that cause me to want to be alone since I came back. I mean it is almost 2 months since I have returned, but the amount of meetups I have is countable by hand. This is quite rare for me.

I don’t even have much motivation to do work/comm service project for the past 2 months. I am just doing the bare minimum that people ask from me. All I had in mind was to just “nua” at home and be by myself. I just hope this period gets over soon. Even I myself hope that I will be able to find back the motivation and momentum of actively having projects and events to attend to.


λ‚˜μ˜ μ‚¬λž‘ 운λͺ…이죠~
ν”Όν• μˆ˜λ„ μ—†μ£ ~
Everyday, I’m so lucky~
μˆ¨κ²¨μ› λ˜~
λ‚΄ λ§˜μ„ κ³ λ°±ν• λž˜~
λ„ˆλ₯Ό μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄~

And then a hero comes along~
With the strength to carry on~
And you cast your fears aside~
And you know you can survive~
So when you feel like hope is gone~
Look inside you and be strong~
And you’ll finally see the truth~
That a hero lies in you~