Yes! one module completed! 4 more to go ((:

The last academic year in SMU is really slightly more relaxing (:

my schedule over the last few weeks of classes gradually lessens from 5 class in week 11 to 1 class in week 13 πŸ˜› I mean yeah I am skipping some classes which only had presentations *innocent face*

Just completed my Asia Pacific Business module! officially still have 1 more class but it is all presentations.Β For the sake of the other modules and more for my relaxation, I decided not to go for the last class haha. Prof kept mentioning that even though report has been submitted (our grade depends on report only), we are still running for the top 3 groups in our class to present to the CEOs/representative. She also “consoled” us that our report is much better now, as compared to the proposal stage, and we can aim for the grand prize. But really what was in our minds were, ” we want the grade, we don’t even care about the grand prize :P”

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