Relaxation before Finals ^^

Study break is more like relaxation time for me! Came across reviews on cafes in Hougang and since it had been a long time since I went out with my dear sisters, decided to ask them out for a lunch date. The cafe was like mid-point for both our houses and our dear Gwen say she doesn’t know how to walk there. LOL!!! In the end, my dad fetch us there and it is like one street away.

French Omelette with sausages and potatoes, with Caramel Choco Tart


Because of some reason, I was pretty tired to go out during my semester and Sam had to study for PSLE. I am glad I finally got a date with these ladies! Miss our bickering and laughters ^^

I needed to meet a senior from CJ alumni, so I decided to bring Sam along for a day out because she kept complaining that she was bored staying at home. Plus she just got back her results, another reason to go out and celebrate ^^ Spent the whole day food-tasting, watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay (part 1) and reading books at the library.

But I think we need a new place to hang out at. Nex has become slightly boring 😛



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