Changing education landscape

**This is my opinion on the situation. If you disagree, you may choice to ignore it**

News article about Singapore’s National Day Rally 2014:

News article about Finland changing part of their education landscape:


I felt the move by Singapore Government to change the mindset of the industries, especially Public Service Sector, is a good move but must be done with precaution. I understand the main intention (i am unaware of any underlying intention of this move) to get organisations to not just focus on paper qualifications but on the skills.

Of course, i am personally very “for” this as my grades are no where near the “required” grades for Public Service Sector to even consider me haha. However of course, I would not lose hope and just try (:

There is still a need for paper qualifications as it would increase our knowledge and also indirectly our skills. HoweverΒ I think moving the focus to include skills when recruiting employees would help not just diploma holders, Β as will give people like me (who do not have good enough grades) a chance to join the Public Service Sector. Moreover I feel that if everyone is so focus on paper chase, we might have a future generation only focus on being book-smart. If we go in being only book-smart, it might take some time to adjust, converting knowledge to skills we can use for the job. This does not mean being only street-smart is the way. YOU NEED BOTH BOOK-SMART AND STREET-SMART (:

Finland, known for its education system, has recently release news to change their education system slightly. They will change from “teaching by subjects” to “teaching by topics”. This to prepare the younger generations (16 years old and older) to enter the industry more smoothly. However we need to wait for a few years before any of these can produce results.

I understand that parents in Singapore might not be receptive to the idea as we have been told many times that paper is most important, which I agree so that we can progress up (as we have more knowledge on what can work and convert it into skills). Hence I think this move by Singapore Government would need to do some convincing in both the industries and the students & parents.

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