Grad Trip to Aussie (:

As usual, I unintentionally go on a hiatus from blogging. *I took a long time to this post*

But I am back!!! This time, it is post on my recent trip to Aussie ~~ 8 days trip to Melbourne and Sydney with Gwendaline and Rynn!

2015-09-28 05.26.45

Tried to capture the sunrise, but I wasn’t seated by the window and the window was tainted. Some new technology instead of pulling a shade for the windows. Nevertheless there will still have some nice pictures among the large amount of failed ones.

2015-09-28 12.11.53

Heading from Sydney to Melbourne via domestic flight, we had to rush to catch a train from the international terminal to the domestic terminal within an hour after we alighted the aeroplane. It was my first time travelling in a double-decker train and can transport more people. If only SG had planned with this in mind, we might not have to squeeze to take the trains.


By the time we arrived at our AirBnB apartment, it was already in the late afternoon. We collected our wireless WiFi device before heading out to explore Melbourne CBd.




2015-09-29 11.20.41

The next day, we headed to Queen Victoria Market for Breakfast (which turned into Brunch) and some shopping.Β Got a mini-name plate for my office desk. so cool to see my name being embedded into the name plate (:


One of the places we visited was the Parliament House. However there was always people photobombing my photos. This is one of the best I could find πŸ˜›


Had not realised that RMIT was within the vicinity of Melbourne CBd. Decided to take a walk in the school campus. I am really in love with the vintage looking buildings in Melbourne. If only I had came here for exchange, but then again I don’t have good grades so it is near impossible to go Australia for exchange.



It was so surreal to see Victoria State Library in person! Everything is so vintage looking and I might even be slightly motivated to study πŸ˜›




The main highlight of our Melbourne trip was The Great Ocean Road trip. Been on this trip before, but I really love the scenic view it has to offer. We even got to take a helicopter ride along the coast of the 12 Apostles. It wasn’t cheap … yet I felt it was worth the money. Guess I am easily satisfied!






2015-09-30 14.31.36



On our last day in Melbourne, we took the train out to Brighton Beach to see the colorful bathing houses. We took a really long walk along the beach before we reach the first house. No house was identical to the other, and they are mostly brightly coloured.


2015-10-01 10.15.30


One of the things I couldn’t do during my trip was to just spent an afternoon wondering around the neighbour outside the city. The kind of peaceful estate I would like to live in. I might start contemplating migrating to Australia πŸ˜›




I was commenting to the girls that Australians are very law-abiding. The machine is not man-ed by anyone and everyone taps their card, even little kids! If only the whole world was like this (:

2015-10-01 15.31.35

2015-09-30 22.05.15

Happened to pass by the Victorian State Library on our last night in Melbourne. Lucky me to get to see such a beautiful sight!

Next Stop … SYDNEY!!!!




Immediately after we checked into our AirBnB apartment, we left for Sydney Fish Market. Since we took a late morning flight, we were super hungry. When we saw the delicious food (the picture right above), we were sold! The platter for 2 was a lot but the food was worth it. Since we ate a lot, we decided to walk all the way to Darling Harbor and then to Queen Victoria Building.



I was trying to take a picture of Darling Harbor’s name (below) when Gwen timely blocked the words, and it turned out pretty nice (above) πŸ˜›



View of Sydney Tower Eye from Darling Harbor bridge. I love this design of a city.



Super vintage looking. The lift in Queen Victoria Building.


Sydney Town Hall


St. Andrew’s Cathedral. It was some bad luck that we visit on the last day of its renovation works. We did try to visit it again on our “extra” last day, but it was a public holiday hence it was still not opened.


That night, we decided to head up to the observation deck to view Sydney at night. Pros and Cons. Night did not look that fantastic but it still looks pretty with all the lights. However I think the city planning was not done very well as there were buildings blocking the night view of Sydney Opera House.



Well… take back half of what I said about city planning. This part of Sydney CBd looks like a shinning star amidst the “lights in the sky”







This is my first time seeing an escalator that is made of wood. Totally surprised πŸ˜› Looks so cool ~~ hehe. I am easily amused.



On our second day in Sydney, we found this mini flea market opposite our apartment. Most stalls sold bakery products and gardening-related items. Bought mocha and croissant from the stalls for breakfast before heading off to Bondi beach.



2015-10-03 10.13.28

Wanted to cool myself in a way, thanks to the hot weather, so I took off my shoes and took a stroll along the beach. Though I was not able to judge if the incoming wave was huge or mini, thank god the wave did not hit any higher than half my thighs!




Headed over to New South Wales State Library. Gwen and I were totally in love with the design of the library, more than Victoria State Library. For me, I love the idea of the stairs and multi-levels of bookshelves. We even got to enterΒ Shakespeare’s room thanks to the security guard, as it was only open every Tues. Lucky us (:








Wanted to walk Sydney Harbor Bridge but it costs about AUD$250. To make up for it in a way, we decided to walk the Skywalk @ Sydney Tower Eye. 268m… about the same height as Macau Tower. Hesitant if I can do the Macau Tower Bungee Jump now >.<

Our guide for the walk was an American but she learnt a lot about Sydney in a short span of a few months. She introduced quite a few significant places of attractions, and she also made us do a lot of jump shots on the glass platform. Oh, she also mentioned that St Mary Cathedral was a famous Cathedral to get married in. You actually need to book it 3 years in advance. The girls then joked that I should make a reservation now, head home get a husband, get a BTOB flat and head back to get married in the Cathedral πŸ˜› What a “prefect” plan! haha.

2015-10-03 17.52.08

2015-10-03 17.55.07

We wanted to catch the sunset view of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, so we doubled our pace through Royal Botanic Garden until we reach the harbor. Worth the effort! & surprisingly my phone takes pretty nice shot of the sunset view ^^




After which, we took a night stroll along the rest of the harbor to get to The Rocks to have dinner at Pancakes on The Rock! The food was nice however for people who love pancakes with ice cream, they might prefer Strictly Pancakes more. Though there was a long queue outside the restaurant, the restaurant was really huge and located in a wharf which has been vacated.


On our third day in Sydney, we were heading to Blue Mountains and needed to leave early so we bought cereal (the night before) for breakfast. If only I had this motivation to eat cereal every day before work.

Β IMG_20151004_065219

Oh totally forgot to mention. I got a shock that morning as my watch and my phone was an hour apart. I thought I had woken up an hour earlier, but when I checked my phone I had woken up on time. Then I realised that it was daylight saving. It occurs every spring/summer in Aussie from first Sunday in October to first Sunday in April. Thank god I synced my phone to automated time and date based on location.

2015-10-04 07.43.36

Using the service of Australia Post to send back the Wireless device ~



We got to take all the rides in Scenic World. First was the Skytram, which had a glass floor for us to look down onto the waterfall. Then we proceeded to take the Cablecar to Walkway at an old mining site, followed by taking the Railway up the mountain.






We got to choose between the three positions. I really wanted to take cliffhanger where I would be literally standing while travelling up parallel along the mountain, however it would be difficult for the girls so I switch to laidback instead.

2015-10-04 10.57.02



What goes better with the nice (golf course) scenery than a Corona! Moreover alcohol products are so much cheaper in Aussie πŸ˜›



Our 2nd last destination was Featherdale Wildlife. We got to pet Kangaroo, Wallaby and Koala, and saw numerous wildlife, like Tasmanian Devil.







Our last “destination” was on Captain Cooks cruise. I totally did not remember seeing it on the tour iternary, so I was surprised haha. For a person who loves cruise, it was a pleasure experience. Got to see Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the day.







Weather was too hot so we decided to head to a cafe to rest and have a drink. Just nice, we found Lindt Cafe! Not the one at Martin Place though πŸ˜› The milkshake is super chocolatety.


We kind of got an extra day in Sydney due to plane delay. Managed to do some last min shopping at Central before heading off to the airport! Overall the trip has its ups and downs, but I managed to enjoy myself! Finally got to travel to Aussie and would definitely want to travel there again ((: