My first job — Working @ AIC

It has been 4 months since I started work at AIC.

Totally understand the feeling of wanting back the school days (especially University days) as you will get all the time in a day and do whatever you would like to do. However there is also the feeling of wanting the pay from the working days so that your expenses are funded. The big dilemma. I guess the best situation to achieve that is to be paid to study. But that would kill me more because studying should be something I would want ย voluntarily.

I still remember the initial few weeks, i just went home immediately as I was so tired and totally not used to the 9-5 hours.ย Well slowly getting used to the “rhythm” of full time work and “catching up” with all the gatherings.

SICS 5th MC gathering @ Strictly Pancakes


SOCSC Class of 2015 (#55shorts) gathering @ Jean’s place


Family gathering to celebrate Popo’s 76th Birthday @ my placeย 

2015-11-30 21.05.27

Thankfully I am in the mood to gear up for more gatherings with Christmas and New Year’s round the corner.


Till the next post ~~~ ((:

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