6-months mark @ my first job!

Ever since I joined SICS Management Committee, I was determined to find a job (or of similar scope) to work in. Even if it is only for a short period. Thankfully I actually found one, with my school manager’s help and 4 years of “training” by SMU.

As of 3rd Feb, I have completed my 6 months probation at Agency for Integrated Care. Still pending that confirmation letter πŸ˜› Of course it was difficult to absorb all the schemes and services AIC offers and understand the healthcare landscape when I have not really been involved in it. I think the closes I have been to healthcare was doing volunteering work at Hospice and Nursing Homes, and learning bits and bits of the operations.

It has definitely been a fun experience thus far. Serving the ageing population in Singapore, learning how “the ground” works, improving my communications skills, gaining new skills/knowledge, etc. Following close to what i believe, there is no end to learning and I should never close my doors to any opportunity to learn.

However there is bound to have some difficulties i need to face, and it might even make me want to stop learning and just cruise along. But… somehow i just can not do that and have been thinking of solutions to overcome those difficulties ~

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