8 hours no tech challenge!

I would conclude that it was a fail, not because I could resist the urge to get my hands on some tech gadgets but because I couldn’t make my family “suffer” and join me in my challenge. Well, it is quite hard to close out the noise from the television or my sister playing music from her phone so in a way I had access to tech gadgets. However I was successfully in not using any of my own tech gadgets during these 8 hours. Mini success! Below is detailing how I spent the 8 hours without technology –


10am          Start of the 8 hours no tech challenge! & I was in la la land 😛

12.30pm    Prepare to go for swimming

1.30pm       Swimming at Hougang Swimming Complex (had to use some form of technology to get to the swimming complex ><)

3.30pm        Reach home (again using technology) and had lunch

4.30pm        Reading Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time

6.30pm        End of the 8 hours no tech challenge!


Well I must say I actually felt normal. No desperate need to get to my phone to read notifications or check Facebook feed. Of course I had to plan the 8 hour schedule before embarking on it. During the 8 hours, I realised that I already knew everyone’s schedule in my head so I did not need to text any one to find out who was where and whether they needed me to get any thing since I was out. However, it was a bit uncomfortable as I was not able to make last min changes to my plans if I wanted to.

Technology is a privilege given to us, and I am appreciative of the convince it provides.


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