Cafehopping in the East

Instead of lazying around during my off-day, I decided to embark on that cafehopping I have been mentioning too many times! Today I “tackled” the east, covering cafes mostly in East Coast and Siglap area.

2016-03-04 11.09.53

Penny University

402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997

2016-03-04 11.05.43

2016-03-04 11.07.11

I had ~~
Turkey Bacon and Cheese crossiant
Smoked Salmon
Ice Chocolate

A light meal to start the #cafehoppingintheeast!ย  The crossiant is crispy (?!) and the serving for Smoked Salmon was the same amount as the crossiant ๐Ÿ˜€ Although the serving for Ice Chocolate was small, the chocolate syrup made up for it!

If only, I had found this place when I was still studying. I would come here often!


Craftsmenย Specialtyย Coffee

2 First Street #01-01 Siglap V Singapore 458278

2016-03-04 11.48.58

I had ~~
Earl Grey Cheesecake
Iced Salted Caramel Latte

The cheesecake was soft but firm and it kinda looks like Oreo cheesecake haha. Earl Grey taste was not overpowering. When they first served the Iced Salted Caramel Latte, the salted caramel syrup was quite thick (at least 1 cm!) but I guess the latte was bitter enough ~ ((:


Dutch Colony Coffee & Co.


113 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458230

I had ~~
Chai Latte

Had been wondering how Chai Latte tasted like. To me, it tasted minty and somewhat like earl grey. Just somehow haha. However with 3 drinks, I think I am going to need the loo pretty soon ~~

Another potential quiet place if I wanted to study. Maybe I will bring a book along the next time.


Coast & Company

54 Siglap Drive Singapore 456176

2016-03-04 13.54.46

2016-03-04 13.55.07

2016-03-04 13.56.07

2016-03-04 14.02.54

I had ~~
Country Salad
Earl Grey Tea

The Country Salad had a huge dose of smoked salmon (2nd round of smoked salmon hehe^^), but there was too much sauce. Next time I shall request for the sauce to be place separately. Had Earl Grey tea instead, since I had two cups of coffee already. Overdose of coffee ><

Other than the cafe, there is a bicycle workshop at the back and they even have an exclusive area for bikers and their bikes on the 2nd floor. Made me miss my ladies’ bicycle, but then again I rarely rode it ๐Ÿ˜›


Carvers & Co.

43 East Coast Road Singapore 428764

2016-03-04 15.33.07

I had ~~
Steak and Cheese Sandwich
Gingerale Soda

Good to have something light and fizzy after all the coffee and tea. Now I going to keep a lookout for Gingerale Soda haha! The Steak and Cheese sandwich was a little too much on the cheese and greens (or maybe it is because of all the cafehopping~).

Might not be coming back for seconds. Would probably head to the cafes nearby instead ><


FFL Fresh Fruits Lab

351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818
2016-03-04 17.08.50
2016-03-04 17.17.01
2016-03-04 17.39.30
I had ~~
Rainbow cake
Strawberry Soda
Complementary Carrots and Orange Juice

A fruity and light way to end the cafehopping trip. I really love the Strawberry Soda. But I love the concept of using lab equipment to serve the drinks.



Lastly ~~~

I ended the day with a visit to i light @ Marina Bay. Started the walk a little too early, but managed to walk the entire route (which is the whole circle of Marina Bay area). Saw quite a few interesting exhibitions and hadย Hรคagen-Dazs ice cream ((:

2016-03-04 19.09.58

2016-03-04 20.07.39

2016-03-04 21.03.30

2016-03-04 21.03.54

2016-03-04 21.04.38

2016-03-04 21.07.14

2016-03-04 21.20.11

2016-03-04 21.22.342016-03-04 21.20.53

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