One year has gone by ~

One year ago, I had completed my education journey and started into the working work. Many a times, I think about how I could make my Uni life more vibrant.

I would have aimed to take up at least one Study Mission, so that I can explore another country. I would have ventured to take on one more OCSP, be it from SMU or external. I would have explored taking a 6 months overseas internship, an opportunity to travel again and yet get some experience in another countries’ working culture. I should have fought harder to get the post I want, then the next year I would have been motivated to run for SMUSA. I would have been able to tackle more matters in school.

However as I reflect about what I might have missed out, I would definitely not redo any of my decisions if I had a choice.

Well since I cannot do anything about that, I shall focus on what I can change. The future, my ultimate life goals — travel to as many countries as possible (hopefully the whole world) and find the perfect job of earning money and doing community work at the same time (of course job would hopefully not come with politics of any forms).  Though it still seems a bit unclear on how I am going to get to my ultimate life goals, I believe in myself that I can achieve it. Maybe….  50 years later?!  Haha! Well one thing for sure ~ I would give up 😍

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