My first story of 2017


2017 is here!! I do hope that it is a much better year compared 2016. Actually I wanted to post my 2017 goals Β but I have completed it yet. Hopefully by end of January!

I stayed in the whole of 1 Jan so nothing much to say about that, except for watching drama on my computer. I made a last min decision to head to NEX on 2 Jan to catch a movie, since my movie voucher was ending in a few days.

Sam and I spent the whole afternoon walking around our very familiar shopping centre. We spent less than 30 mins at each store we visited. Guess there was still sales as all the stores were clearing their 2016 stock. We bought more clothes (and had to suffer a mini nagging by my mum) for Chinese New Year. Just lack to buy PJ for the CNY Eve night.

Since it was the start of the year, we wanted to catch a comedy to start the year on a happy note. We watchedΒ Railroad Tigers and it was super hilarious! If you are interested in some action, some laughter and catch a Jackie Chan movie, you should definitely catch this movie!

Now I am going to catch on my sleep to go fir my first working day of 2017 tomorrow (or should I say today)~