New life in Singapore Cancer Society (:

Next Monday marks the completion of my 3 monthsโ€™ probation with Singapore Cancer Society and I will officially become a full-time staff. Okie, technically my boss has already done the review with me and I have the letter of confirmation (somewhere in my house). Plus I have signed the agreement of 3 years bond with Singapore Cancer Society, under the PCP SW by NCSS and Workforce SG. Now I kind of have an โ€œiron rice bowlโ€ for the next 3 years. Of course, thatโ€™s provided I pass my classes which most people tell me that it should not be a problem~ ๐Ÿ˜›

There are pros and cons to every job out there. Letโ€™s start with the bad things first.

  • There seem to be some โ€œdownโ€ time as it takes a while for us to receive documents. Thus I have to act โ€œbusyโ€ at times and it just makes me sleepy and feel bad too.
  • There is so many things about cancer I do not know. I have to frequently google the medical terms to ensure I get the right medication and understanding. I wonder when will I be able to understand everything. >.<

Now for the good things.

  • I guess it wasnโ€™t a bad thing that I started working with AIC first. Learned a lot about the ground management and the policy making. It has helped me in doing my assessment for financial assistance and know where to get a more accurate answer which we need.
  • No more after-office hours and weekends burned to go for meetings and support events. Occasionally there is one or two, but still not a lot like before. This means more time to catch up with friends and spend my weekends cultivating my favourite pastimes, i.e. reading and cross-stitching, and new hobbies, i.e. amigurumi and building Lego sets.
  • I get to study to be accredited as a social worker, one of the profession I want to try and hopefully exceed in. Plus the government pays 90% of my course fees and I just have to pay 10%.

Well thatโ€™s all I can think of for now. What can I say, I am a simple girl who wants to live a simple life as much as I can. (: