Knowing her

Pictures of me

This girl is loves to be around people a lot !!

This girl is an optimist !!

This girl is currently working at Agency for Integrated Care, Community Engagement team ((:

This girl studied at Singapore Management University School of Social ScienceCatholic Junior CollegeBowen Secondary School and Rosyth School ((:

This girl loves …

When things are simple and straightforward; not hurting her brain 😛

Shades of PINK and RED!!

K-Pop scene, especially Girls’ Generation & APINK.

Reading books.

Surfing the net.

Watching dramas/shows/movies.

Her past-times includes …

TV Dramas/Shows: Power Rangers. Charmed. Pretty Little Liars. 

Storybooks: Nancy Drew. Charmed. House of Night. Pretty Little Liars.

Music: Britney Spears. Sclub 7. Backstreet Boys. Westlife. Black Eye Peas. Girls’ Generation. 

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