My first YCamp Challenge ^^

It was a new experience for me as I do not often work with Special Needs Community in my community service projects. The amount of patient we need to have with the kids, so that they would listen to us during the camp. I would say my group had a good mix of loud and quiet buddies, and that allowed my co-leader and me to managed the team of volunteer-buddies pairs much better.

However overall I left that there was a lot of ways I could improve the way i lead in the camp and work in the team, and I let my emotions get the better of me. I should have been more pro-active in planning and learning the traditions that they had for the camp, rather that acting like a blur person each time someone asks me a question about camp or instructions given by the committee. At least I have feedback what I felt was most important.

Now is “FORGIVE AND FORGET”!!! Moving on with life ((:


A meet-up with SICS peeps …. after one whole semester >.<

I think the last time we met was just before school started. We ate @ Swee Choon and walk back to school to play mahjong 😛

Now finally after one semester ended, we got a chance to meet -up!! Though some came for lunch and some came for dinner due to prior arrangements.

Got to try out 2 cafes for lunch, Supply&Demand and Lady M. Supply&Demand was okie, but don’t really find it very fantastic. Not that worth heading back for seconds. Lady M, however, was worth trying. Even though the cost of one slide is a dollar or two higher than other pastry cafes, the taste is worth it ^^

During mid day, Xin Ying and I had 3 hours to spend. No karaoke place has room for us till past 7pm. Marina Square was under partial renovation, so no cinema. Nothing interesting to do at town area. Didn’t want to shop. Hence we headed to school and search for about 45 mins and finally we secured an empty GSR, thanks to Eleena. Spent the rest of the afternoon singing Chinese and English songs. Hehe (:

As for dinner, I had been craving for Korean food because of Superman Returns’ Dae Han-Min Guk-Man Se. The amount of food and the way they eat makes me crave for Korean food, a lot! Especially Pajeon (Pancake) and Bu Dae Ji Gae (Army Stew) 😀 We didn’t ate too full as we needed a small space in our tummy for deserts. Long time see I last ate deserts at Chinatown and an even longer time since I last ate Dan Dan (Steam egg)!

& to end of my post (as well as a nice end for my night) … S CLUB 7 REUNION for BBC Kids in Need 2014 ^^ This year seems to be a year for reunions ((:

Need back my momentum :(

Been listening to a lot of ballad songs recently… and yeah, it is kind of indicating my mood at this point of time. Kind of want to just be left alone and don’t want to go out with people (even my family too at times). I am not sure if it is because of exchange, when I was constantly with friends for 5.5 months, that cause me to want to be alone since I came back. I mean it is almost 2 months since I have returned, but the amount of meetups I have is countable by hand. This is quite rare for me.

I don’t even have much motivation to do work/comm service project for the past 2 months. I am just doing the bare minimum that people ask from me. All I had in mind was to just “nua” at home and be by myself. I just hope this period gets over soon. Even I myself hope that I will be able to find back the motivation and momentum of actively having projects and events to attend to.


나의 사랑 운명이죠~
피할수도 없죠~
Everyday, I’m so lucky~
내 맘을 고백할래~
너를 사랑해~

And then a hero comes along~
With the strength to carry on~
And you cast your fears aside~
And you know you can survive~
So when you feel like hope is gone~
Look inside you and be strong~
And you’ll finally see the truth~
That a hero lies in you~

11 out 13 … Jan, you are almost there! (:

It is week 11. Just left with presentations, a few reports and finals to go. I am super happy. I believe can maintain GPA, so not too worried about that. Just waiting for my long awaited break 😛 Ahh ~ December to February (: But of course, I can not slack the whole time so I need to try to get a part-time job in January. Just earn some quick cash for my own usage.


Also, my term of office is ending ^^

Finally, after 2 years ~  can rest and do what i really want. just pure community service work ((: not so taxing on my poor brain.

Week 10 feels like Week 14m (:

Just watching shows on my phone and computer. Hmm… i really do not have much work to do this semester. Most of my project started early and completed very quickly. I think I just want things to quickly complete so that I can go Korea. Though that would not happen as it is a fixed date which I will leave for Korea.

Finally most of my stuff for CCA has ended. I can look forward to my long-awaited break (:

Comm Service <3

I was typing in the details for my essay entry for NYC Shine Award. Only after I typed out everything then I realise that what I did was nothing much. It is mostly overseeing some projects that all. I was always taking up leadership role but rarely following others lead. Maybe I don’t really understand what Comm Service really is. Because every time someone ask me why I am doing this, my answer is because I like to do it and I get the sense of satisfaction.

Or maybe because i just like it to be simple and no complications at all. maybe it is just me.

Hmm maybe in the future I should take up specific roles in projects (not just comm service), so that i can train myself in that area. Then maybe I can finally find an area that I am specialised in, rather than going to interview for projects and internship and telling others that I am not sure what I am very good, except being involved in a lot of comm service work 😛

Duration of project Project name Project Description My role in the project
November 2009 – December 2009 Cambodia OCIP 2009 An overseas community service project, in collaboration with YMCA Singapore, to Battambang, Cambodia where we will educate the students on basis English, paint their new library and help to build a new basketball court for them. Project Leader (President, CJC Interact Club)Pre-execution-          Oversee all the planning process

–          Lead the Fundraising activities: making and selling of cupcakes

During execution

–          Allocate duties to team members and oversee the operations.

–          Mainly involved in painting a mural for the new library

January 2010 – February 2010 Prose for Rose A fundraising initiative for Cambodia OCIP 2010 Project Leader –          Oversee the operations

–          Allocate the booth duties to all Interact Club members

–          Involved in the collection and preparation of the roses.

–          In-charge of special orders and preparation of rose bouquets

September 2011 – June 2012 Project Nurture (under SMU Rotaract) A community service project with Admiralty Care Centre children. The theme for the year was Social Entrepreneurship Committee member–          In-charge for a handicraft session, where the children learn how to make two types of bracelets in a few simple steps.-          Source for possible ticket sponsorship from USS for the children’s day trip to USS
January 2012 – June 2012 Project Kor Koh An overseas community service project (linked to iConserve 2011, a local environmental community service project) where we will help the villagers:-          build a water irrigation system-          restore the walls of a home

–          teach English and Basis Hygiene lessons

Local Community service Leader Pre/Post-execution

–          In-charge of planning and overseeing the pre-OCSP and post-OCSP local community service project


–          In-charge of the Basis Hygiene lessons, with one of my OCSP teammate. Every morning we will gather the children in two rows and teach them how to brush their teeth properly.

–          In-charge of the distribution of donated clothes to the villagers

May 2012 – September 2012 iConserve 2012 An environmental project to educate our participants and public on some conservation tips and to build a show-flat out of recycled materials.Activities in iConserve 2012:-          Newspaper Collection Drive (on weekends)

–          3D2N Bonding Camp

–          2D1N Finale Camp

–          Post-camp Beneficiary Interaction

Vice- President–          Assisting the President and two other Vice-Presidents to oversee all the planning and execution process-          One of the liaison point between iConserve Organising Committee and Centre of Social Responsibility

August 2012 – December 2012 A Truly Magical Christmas (under SMU Red Cross) An annual external blood donation drive to collate more blood packs for future usage and recruit more regular blood donors Project Leader (Blood Donation and Donor Recruitment Director)–          Overseeing the planning and execution procedures with my co-director-
November 2012 – Present SMU Challenge 2013 (under SICS) We would collect cash and in-kind donations as well as accompany the elderly under the care of Lions’ Befrienders. Human Resources Director–          Liaison point between the Organising Committee and the Volunteers-          Liaison point between the Organising Committee and Centre for Social Responsibility

–          Recording of CSP hours for all parties involved in SMU Challenge.

–          In-charge of the welfare of the Organising Committee

March 2013 – September 2013 MOE Gift Programme 2013 A new initiative by Ministry of Education, where Undergraduates (who volunteered) would go to various Primary and Secondary Schools to Plan activities to carry out with the students of Class 1T8 in Yishun Town Secondary School-          Guide the students on how to conduct a fundraising booth to sell the organic vegetables they grew.-          Assist the teachers in getting the students to complete their homework

–          Guide the students towards achieving their aspirations and dream jobs.