My favourite 90’s past time

power ranger

That is Mighty Morphine Power Ranger! The one show that got me through my childhood ((: well after that was Charmed 😛


The original cast with i love the most out of all the teams ((: and of course, since i kind of favour pink a lot, my favourite is the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. It has never changed. i remember getting a Pink Ranger birthday cake on my 4th  or was it 5th, birthday celebration in my kindergarten and Gwen was there to celebrate it too ((:

mmpr-rg-kimberlypower ranger 2Power Rangers the Movie Poster

power ranger 3

Since i am an avid fan … of course i watched the two power ranger movie ((: haha and both had Kimberly in it ((: Love it when they kick asses !! haha. so cool ((:


Been watching a few special episodes recently 😛 and the latest season on screen too, Power Rangers Super Samurai.  Love the Pink Ranger, Mia too ((: but still Love Kimberly more ! haha !



Recent flow of events ((:


LTB Presentation

Finally !!! presented our project and that marked the end our mi LTB mod ((: one less mod to worry about for this sem ((:

(ps: today is day 2 of presentations ,  but mi group only had 2 people who attended lessons while the rest wanted to focus on the other projects ((: even mi TA aso msged mi to ask . haha ! )


Rotaract Faci Interview

OMG though i would have fail the interview, coz i was damn tired from all the meetings prior to that. Then Andy still kept asking mi to smile during the interview ! [I was smiling !! ): ]

plus i dislike interviews, coz i feel that it isn’t a good representation of miself. but there isn’t any other way they could get to know mi in a short period of time.


Socsc Faci Confirmation

& & Yes ! i got accepted as FACI for SOCSC ((: but i realised that i didn’t know who mi partner was. well i guess i will get to know him this coming Thursday ((:

Excited !! got some many people, that i know, who got into socsc camp ((:


“Wednesday-equals-to-killer-day !! jam packed with meetings for 12 hours”

8.30am to 8.30pm = dead at the end of the day !

rmss, followed by red cross, followed by stats, followed by appreciation dinner, followed by leadership project.

but i guess i had no choice since all the projects are due soon  & camp planning are starting now.

Completion of Stats project! Yes !!

Yet another project done. Did on how staying with grandparents can allow people to learn their dialect better . However, sad to say, finals is not over yet.

Consolation: 18th April is coming soon . practice mode is ON !


Joemin’s Grad exhibition

not bad , but it was smaller than expected. thought it was take up the whole central atrium. wasn’t that interested in architecture, so there wasn’t much for mi to view. 

But like a lot of the designs that i saw during the exhibition! liked Joemin’s one coz i love traveling, especially the feel of it ((:


Manhattan Lunch Outing !

$3.99 !! so cheap ((: & that george said he wanted to eat 2 sets, in then end he could only finish 1.5 only. but at least it was good to have a gathering for mi exco, though only 6 people could come that day.

but the most epic part for that day was that i had to RUN IN THE RAIN IN HEELS !! & i even talked to eugenia over the phone in the midst of it. LOL ! reached PS completely drenched and i looked like i just came out of the shower ((:


First SICS Camp Org Comm Meeting ((:

finally our first meeting but had a few hiccups prior to it. Well since i knew mi two deputies before the org comm meeting, like since we came to SMU ! our job for now is to recruit facis, explained further below.  other than that our job is juz to do mins n wait till prog team start their planning.


Khuture Klub

ONE whole night of K-pop music to dance to ((: the people there must be from some dance group , since they practically performed all the hit songs that was remixed by DJ Funky T.

But this is the remix that i miss the most ((:

Thanks to Val , i get to experience such events ((: i wun mind going again but after finals ((:


Hunger Games !

Managed to catch a movie with mi sis yesterday((: the front part was a bit draggy, but the action make up for it ((: Now the show has got it hooked for more, and i am going to rent the book to read during summer !!

People ur show go and watch ((:


upcoming week: “Tues-Wed-can-die-le-completely-packed-with-interviews”

as i said before i am doing interviews for Faci for mi SICS camp . not so many girls who signed up but so little guys . i think just hit the number of guys we want (basically the number of groups we intend to have) .





okie back to AW !!