My 24th Birthday<3


Thankful to my mum for decorating our home with Winnie the Pooh and cooking the white wine spaghetti!

Thankful to my dad for collecting the cake and pizza! Also for fetching me after my Pokemon hunting at 401 Hougang~

Thanks Sam for the extra big birthday card! *Still waiting for the lovely phone case to arrive*

Thanks Gwen for the Frozen helium balloon!

Thanks everyone else for the lovely birthday wishes, presents and outings!



Now it is 12am 24 August 2016. A new day, and i am already looking forward to my next birthday ~~~~

JanJan x Travel x Korea

A super long overdue post on Sam’s and my first solo trip overseas! Also, it is to one of our favourite country in the world, KOREA~ !

Starting with a post of us at the departure hall at Changi Airport Terminal 3!

2016-06-11 21.53.32

I love midnight flights as I get to see the Sunrise ~ The clouds look like yummy marshmallows โค

2016-06-12 04.41.20

2016-06-12 06.15.57


Day 1 – 12 Jun Sun

We took a KTX from Seoul to Busan but i guess we were super tired so we fell asleep most of the time on the KTX. First thing after we settled down in Busan, we headed to PNU to meet up with Sinye and Myungsoo for late lunch! Sam has been craving for cheese, so we made sure to order cheese topping (plus we order spicy braised duck a.k.a Jimdaek). Sam mentioned that she like Song Joong Ki, so my friends suggested heading to eat Baskin Robbins ice cream to get his poster. We ate 1 QUARTZ worth of ice cream >< Though it has been 1-2 years since we last met, we still had endless ย amount of stuff to talk about.

2016-06-12 15.46.34

Happened to pass by a super huge poster of Song Joong Ki, and I so had to talk a photo of it ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-06-12 17.07.08

As we were quite tired from the plane flight and travelling all the way to Busan, we decided to head to SpaLand to relax and sleep ~~ Also, to snack a bit ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-06-12 18.09.26

We initially intended to head to Gwangalli Beach, however Sam was too tired from her Beijing trip and I had leg cramps so we head back to our guesthouse to rest for the day. While buying dinner from the convenient store, I spotted a Winnie the Pooh milk range. I so had to buy the Chocolate milk (:

2016-06-12 21.20.39


Day 2 – 13 Jun Mon

We got up really early and went to Gamcheon Cultural Village to visit the colorful houses. Because we went really early, there were anyone around and we got to take a lot of nice photos without long queues.








After all the walking, we headed to Jalgalchi Fish Market for our brunch. Still early, so we were the only customers there. Wanted to let Sam try the live octopus, but they do not serve that dish anymore. sad! Well, Sam still got to try grilled eel and she LOVED it ๐Ÿ˜› However the grilled fish was too much and we had a hard time finishing the food.




2016-06-13 16.17.12

2016-06-13 17.54.46



Headed out for dinner and explore the Hanok Village ย night scene. Peaceful and quiet place compared to Seoul and Busan.




Day 3 – 14 Jun Tue

We woke up (a bit too) early to explore the Hanok village in the day time and tried out all the food in Jeonju – Jeonju bibimbap, Mandu (dumplings), Kalgooksu (Knife-cut noddles) and P&B Choco Pie. We also found a lot of Tumblr-worthy shots and just had to take a picture. Of course, Sam is the model ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-06-14 09.34.36





2016-06-14 12.44.10

We headed to Taeyeon’s Dad’s eye shop, EYEBIS at Seodo Plaza. Well i guess it is a good thing that my eyesight has not decreased over these two years despite my numerous late night drama/movie-watching ๐Ÿ˜€ We also got to see Taeyeon’s shrine, which has new contributions especially after her solo debut (:

2016-06-14 13.56.07

2016-06-14 13.58.54


2016-06-14 14.05.06

2016-06-14 14.17.17

2016-06-14 14.17.20

2016-06-14 14.18.12

2016-06-14 14.19.17

Sam with her new specs ~ cost more than mine ><

2016-06-14 14.37.38


I decided to stay in a hotel this time as the hotel prices are similar to the high-end guesthouses. Well the room isn’t big but it is sufficient for Sam and I since we were going to spend most of our time outside ๐Ÿ˜›

The first thing we did that night was to clear our shopping list of cosmetics and k-pop albums. We completed 90% of it and drop off the stuff back in our room, before we headed for dinner and our own shopping (:



2016-06-14 21.14.17


Day 4 – 15 Jun Wed

Since we purchased 90% of the stuff and it weighted super heavy, we decided to ship our stuff back to SG earlier than planned. The total weight was close to 30kg. Thank god we stayed closed to the post office this time round ๐Ÿ˜€

2016-06-15 09.48.58

After dropping off some stuff at the hotel, we officially start our tour in Seoul!! First stop, Tokchon Ginseng Chicken – Ginseng Chicken and Seafood Pancake – and Tongin Market – 5000 won lunch box.




Pic @ Gwanghwamun Square ๐Ÿ™‚


We headed to Apgujeong area to visit the K-pop entertainment companies. Since last year, they placed K-pop Figurines of popular K-pop groups along Apgujeong Street. We managed to take photo of most of the figurines before the slight downpour came. Despite the rain, we managed to continue visiting the K-pop entertainment companies – SMent, FNCent, JYPent and CUBEent.




We visited SMT Seoul – a restaurant opened by SM entertainment. We were so undress to visit the restaurant, but playing the tourist card we just headed in. We tried the Celebrity’s recommendation High Tea platter. Though it is on the high-end side, all I can say is … DAEBAEK!


2016-06-15 14.27.42

2016-06-15 14.15.29

2016-06-15 14.21.42

Visited SM Town at COEX. Bought the EXO Jjajangmyeon and Jampong for dinner, which was very nice and cheap. Also bought new bottles which came with fruit ades named after each artist/group in SM Town.



2016-06-15 16.24.38

2016-06-15 16.24.56

2016-06-15 18.48.08

Last stop for the day was Express Bus Terminal. However style was not exactly similar to Sam and mine so we headed back quite early that night. Also to rest early for the next day.


Day 5 – 16 Jun Thu

Was walking past the shops at Myeongdong when we noticed this signboard beside a new skincare shop. It actuallyย tellsย you the languages which the staff on duty can speak (Y) I think all shops should have this (:

2016-06-16 10.27.22

A stroll along the Han River was just the thing to get rid of the summer heat (since Seoul did not have any beaches :P)

I had hope all 3 attractions in the 63 building would still be open as I saw articles that the wax museum is no more T.T Unfortunately it was true and we could only go to the 63 Sky Gallery, while the 63 Sea Aquarium was under renovation till 1 Jul. At least we still got to see Seoul from high high. Also, I think we kind of bought all the ice bags from the gift shop haha ๐Ÿ˜€





At first Sam kept commenting that she didn’t want to visit Ewha Woman’s (as she was super hungry) but after I dragged her there she was in awe of the architecture ((: I had wanted to buy the pastel pink jacket from Edae but unfortunately they did not have my size. Sad much.


Same as our previous trips, we headed to the Odbo duty free shop and there so happened to have a Singaporean tour group present. The lady thought we were with the group and was surprised that we knew how to get there on our own. Hehe. This time was no exception and we bought a lot of stuff that we got a free luggage. Blue this time ๐Ÿ˜›


We were heading to Luxury Noraebang when we saw a large crowd of people gathering outside a Tarot card shop. Figured that an artist is there, plus there were cameras around. Turns out the artist was M.I.B’s Kang Nam! He was shocked to see the huge crowd outside and very polite when greeting the crowd to make his way through.

2016-06-16 16.57.46

9,900won for 2 hours! Okie it isnt that cheap compared to SG ones but the feeling is different, and and you are scored after each song ๐Ÿ˜› Sam and I kept competing who could keep getting the high scores, i.e. 90+.

2016-06-16 17.52.58

Meat-ing BBQ buffet is a must when you head to Hongdae streets ^^

2016-06-16 20.15.04

2016-06-16 22.44.20


Day 6 – 17 Jun Fri

2nd last day in Korea. We spent the day in Myeongdong shopping and eating street food.

Brought Sam to Crazy Brown for Brunch! They serve some awesome brunch (:

2016-06-17 11.48.08

32cm ice cream! It was hard for me to finish the ice cream and it melted really fast. Thanks to summer heat ~

2016-06-17 12.50.41

Of course, a must visit is OSULLOC! All the macha green tea drinks and deserts ย ~~ Sam’s ultimate fave!

2016-06-17 14.15.50

We also got to visit the LINE Friends store. Brown is super huge!! Cool to visit but expensive and not necessary to have >.<

2016-06-17 15.59.58

2016-06-17 16.10.02

Sam always replied that she wanted cheese when I ask what she would like to have. So I gave in and we went for chicken and cheese grill, which she had been eyeing since she saw it our first day in Seoul.

2016-06-17 17.12.57

Namsan Tower!!! This time I made sure to take the cable car up, so that we would not have to walk the almost 90 degree slope ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-06-17 18.24.36

Our beloved homeland โค


Gwen Gwen is interning at Shanghai now (:


My next trip destination – Hong Kong and Taiwan !!!! Excited (:


So looking forward to Gwen’s grad trip to Aussie in Nov/Dec 2017 โค



2016-06-17 19.24.37

Sam and I wanted to add another tile onto the wall, however they have temporarily stopped as they were going to “restart” the wall. We decided to take back our previous tiles as we weren’t sure what they would do with the old tiles. Kind of lost the meaning of having an item to search for when we return the next time. Sad-ed!



Instead Sam and I decided to lock a lock instead. Light Blue as it is the closest to Mint colour. If it was my choice, it would be PINK! HAHAHAHA!



Sam making a mark for us to find our lock in the future, as it would definitely be hidden in all the future locks!





2016-06-17 20.12.16

2016-06-17 20.22.43

As Singapore did not have 4D movie theatres, I brought Sam to catch a 4D movie – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 – at Yongsan. Sam also got to try the Ban-Ban (Half-Half) popcorn – Sour Cream and Cheese.

2016-06-18 00.58.06

2016-06-18 01.33.21


Day 7 – 18 Jun Sat

We walked around Myeongdong for the last time before we took the airport bus to Incheon Int’l Airport.

2016-06-18 10.52.43

Our late lunch – last taste of Korean street food ~~

2016-06-18 15.37.28

We actually managed to check in 4 luggages and it was below 60kg ^^ lesser bags to hand carry onto the plane!

2016-06-18 16.37.55

2016-06-18 18.28.37

Off to our home ~~~ Singapore ~~~ ((:

2016-06-18 19.19.36


This is the second time I traveled with one of my girls without our parents coming along. This is the first time I traveled with Samantha overseas. Definitely worried that we would argued, but learnt from my first trip with Gwen, that we would get over it and still travel happily together. Thats just us! One min we are angry with one another, the next we are best friends ^^ I look forward to more trip with my two girls!!! ย โค โค โค

JanJan X Travel X Bangkok

Starting my travel plans for 2016 with a short trip to Bangkok with Wenjie! Apparently it was her first trip on an airplane >.<

2016-05-15 02.09.54

Are we going Osaka ?!?

While we were trying to find out which row we were supposed to check in at, we got a shock as the final destination stated Osaka!! We thought Scoot was going to give us a free flight to Osaka. Wenjie and I were even thinking about buying coats when we get to Osaka. However it turns out that Bangkok was a transit stop, and we will still be heading to Bangkok ๐Ÿ˜›

First time I took a flight out at sunrise timing, and actually caught the beautiful sunrise before we took flight.

2016-05-15 06.35.22

First time I took a flight at Sunrise (:

DAY 1 15 May 2016 Sunday

2016-05-15 08.39.15

They still have bus attendants to collect fees manually from the passengers.

We arrived at DMK airport and took the bus into the city. They do not use any machine to collect payment. In fact, they have bus attendants to collect fees from passengers and announces each stop the bus makes.

2016-05-15 10.08.22

Coconut ice-cream to cool off the heat at Chatuchak Market

First stop — Chatuchak Market!!

Where all the cheap and trending fashion would be at. However the weather is freaking hot! The back of my legs was burning, and we desperately needed air-con places to go to.

2016-05-15 11.42.09

Happen to pass by their standees where finding the lift to Emquartier’s food floors

Second stop — Emquartier

Third stop — Terminal 21

It is like the “Ion” of Bangkok. All the atas shops were there. We headed to Audrey Cafe, which had really good reviews. We ordered Tom Yum pizza, Spicy spring roll, Milk Tea Flower desert and Thai Milk Tea crepe. Mains were spicy but SAVOURY! Deserts were very unique and not overly sweet ๐Ÿ˜› Worth the 900 baht we paid.

2016-05-15 12.11.46-1

Tom Yum Pizza @ Audrey’s

2016-05-15 12.11.54

Spicy Spring Roll @ Audrey’s

2016-05-15 12.27.06

Thai Milk Tea Flower Dessert @ Audrey’s

2016-05-15 12.27.24

Thai Milk Tea Flower Dessert @ Audrey’s

2016-05-15 12.29.16

Thai Milk Tea Crepe @ Audrey’s

2016-05-15 13.20.10

If only we knew there was a food court and Korean street food at the basement floor T.T

We continue walking around to find Wenjie’s Krispy Kreme, which she crazily bought 12 doughnuts one short, and we found the food court ๐Ÿ˜ฆ If only we knew ~~ I wanted to eat the Korea food T.T

We saw the cheese tarts and bought two to try. Cheesy but not firm. not really to my taste ~~

2016-05-15 15.05.15

Wenjie’s love for Krispy Kreme that led us to purchase 12 doughnuts back~

2016-05-15 15.05.26

Freshly Baked Cheese Tarts!

2016-05-15 15.17.34

Looks so yummy (:

2016-05-15 18.19.00

Thai-Japan Bridge

2016-05-15 18.36.30

The long queue for the ferry to Asiatique

2016-05-15 18.46.10

Ferry to Asiatique

2016-05-15 18.55.51

Night view of Asiatique

2016-05-15 18.58.09

When I have $$, I will rent that party boat and go on a 2D1N party cruise!

2016-05-15 19.00.03

Asiatique! let the shopping begin ~

Fourth stop — Asiatique

We had to queue to take a free boat ride to get to Asiatique, and it is normally more crowded at night. It is like a mini-american county in Bangkok. We were too hungry so we quickly found a restaurant to have our dinner.

2016-05-15 19.03.02

I like the way Asiatique is designed like a small town

2016-05-15 19.07.57

The second floor of our dinner location. A nice overview of shops nearby.

2016-05-15 19.20.08

Iced Lemonade and Iced Thai Milk Tea, which were a tad too sweet >.<

2016-05-15 19.28.29

Thai-style Chicken Satay with wholemeal bread

We ordered quite a lot for 2 people — Stir-fry Kangkong, Prawn Omelette, Chicken Satay and Tom Yum Soup. Everything is TO DIE FOR! Oh and btw, I ordered lemonade but it looked so much like lemon tea ๐Ÿ˜€ It was kind of cute to serve the bill in a mini-frying pan!

2016-05-15 19.31.51

Our first dinner in Bangkok

2016-05-15 20.07.49-1

They serve the bills in a frying pan~ we were wondering if it was because they just took it at the last minute and serve to us.

2016-05-15 20.09.57

2016-05-15 21.54.14

Like the love lock bridge in France and Nam San Tower ~

We did quite a bit a lot of shopping at Naraya before covering each warehouse after another. We wanted to head over to another night market, so we bought Mocha & Cookie and Cream Mochi Ice Cream to end off our trip to Asiatique.

2016-05-15 21.58.23

Cookies & Cream and Mocha Mochi Ice-cream!

2016-05-15 22.46.58

Train Market @ Thailand Cultural Centre — Talad Rot Fai 3 (kaset-nawamin)

Fifth stop – Talad Rot Fai 3 (Kaset-nawamin)

When we arrived at the train market, we rejected eating too much earlier. We could have ate some BBQ seafood there instead!!!!! I was too thirsty so I bought a super duper large cup of Bandung, which turn out to taste like Strawberry Milk Tea.

But we moved on and continued with our shopping instead. Night markets really sell things very cheap ~~ that I didn’t even bother to cut the prices ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-05-15 22.48.18

If only we had space in our stomach to eat the street food here @ Talad Rot Fai 3 (kaset-nawamin)

2016-05-15 22.51.47

Iced Bandung, but tasted like Strawberry Milk Tea instead.

DAY 2 16 May 2016 Monday

2016-05-16 12.45.06

Mac’s crispy chicken which tasted so much like KFC’s chicken. Also, there is some craze over Angry Birds hence the PIG is there.

First stop — Union Mall

It looked a lot like Far East Plaza. Clothes are trendy but not necessarily cheaper than other shopping mall. Plus point – good food and very quiet place. We happened to find Holly’s Coffee, and Wenjie was craving for Mango Bingsu. ย We got to use free internet too >.<

2016-05-16 13.20.45

Spotted Holly’s Coffee and had Mango Bingsu! it cost so much cheaper than the ones in SG.

Second stop — MBK

Third stop — Siam Square

Fourth stop — Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon

Fifth stop — Central World, Big C

The “Orchard Road” of Bangkok. Worth to go and have a look, but the price are not cheap. We even saw food junction in Siam Paragon. We didn’t eat there as we were determined to eat street food that night. We did managed to do some shopping and purchase most of the presents, before we headed to the mini-bazaar next to Central World to buy our dinner.

Stupid me forgot to take a photo of our dinner that night. We bought Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken intestines, Chicken Wings, Siew Mai-looking food and cup noodles. We use the Krispy Kreme container to become a makeshift table on our hotel bed to put our dinner.

2016-05-16 18.26.14

Fried Chicken, Pork, Intestines and more. Forgot to take a photo of our “stash” and cup noodles for dinner that night ๐Ÿ˜›

2016-05-16 19.14.12

Wenjie and I wanted to buy this for GK but figured he doesnt seem like a tote bag kind of person ๐Ÿ˜€

That night we wanted to eat some doughnuts but there was no microwave in the hotel. So we decided to use the hairdryer to heat up the doughnuts. We kind of ignore the fact that there would be germs, but nothing bad happened to us ๐Ÿ˜› Save for now!

2016-05-17 10.29.27

want to “microwave” our doughnuts but hotel didn’t have one, so we resulted in using the hairdryer ๐Ÿ˜› Thank god we didnt suffer from any stomachache!

DAY 3 17 May 2016 Tuesday

2016-05-17 12.31.01

Our lunch on the third day!

First stop — Central Mall

We had our lunch at a restaurant in Central World. We order Prawn Fried Rice, Tom Yam Soup, Specialty Chicken Wings and Fried Prawn Cake. We contemplated to watch a movie there ย but decided shopping was more important. Haha!!!

2016-05-17 13.01.25

Found another cheese tart store in Central World, near the food hall on the top floor.

2016-05-17 13.01.32

Wanted to catch a movie but I rather use the time to shop around XD

2016-05-17 13.04.35

Love the cottage feel by this cafe. Esp the teddy bear touch at each table!

2016-05-17 13.04.44

Second stop — Platinum Mall, Palladium Mall

It is like the “Dong Dae Mun” of Bangkok. I finally understood why so many ppl would chose to stay near Platinum and willing to spend endless amount of days there. It is so huge, so cheap and has almost everything!ย We took a short break at the food centre on L6 for dinner. Ordered Cookies and Cream crepe and KFC chicken & nuggets.

After that, we decided to head back the second day (so we didn’t cover the whole of Platinum Mall) and head over to Pratunup Night Market instead. Unfortunately it was not open that night, so we took the train to Victory Monument to visit the Night Market there.

2016-05-17 15.47.39

Oreo crepes from Platinum food hall. Food here are so cheap, we decided to selected our meals for day 4 here when we came back for another round of shopping.

2016-05-17 18.51.22

Victory Monument~~ The BTS has to travel around the victory monument almost like the horseshoe curve in Pennsylvania (I only knew about this because of Modern Family ๐Ÿ˜› )

Third stop — Victory Monument Night Market

It wasnt every big and the stuff they sell were repeats of what we already saw. So we did a quick walk of the mall before heading to Jeffer’s for dinner and calling it a night.

2016-05-17 19.31.41

Colourful Colourful ballons used as lighting decorations

2016-05-17 19.36.57

Nice cup of Iced Cappuccino to end the day

Apologies for the super blur pic but it was late at night. I wanted to capture the queue near the metro for Motorbike Taxis. The queue looked long but it was cleared rather quickly. We had to be careful and look out for the motorbikes as they occasionally did not seem to be stopping for us or saw us.

2016-05-17 21.00.03

Every night we see a row of people waiting for the motorbike taxi to fetch them to their destination. Due to the lighting, I could get a clear shot of the people and the motorbikes.

It was like a ritual (since Challenge’s welfare chalet), Wenjie and I would watch Liang Popo or Crayon Shin from youtube before sleeping. Always having a good laugh before we go to lalaland ZZZZ…

2016-05-17 23.27.04

Every night we watch video on LPXX or Liang Popo before we go to sleep.

DAY 4 18 May 2016 Wednesday

2016-05-18 11.11.53

Heading to Platinum Mall for round 2 of shopping! Had to purchase a single ride ticket as we didnt have sufficient money in our BTS card.

First stop — Platinum Mall

We did not have enough money in ย our transport card so we purchase the single fare ticket, which had the subway line on the back of the card. I thought that it was helpful especially for tourists.

We settled our lunch at the food centre which uses a card token system to consolidate all the money collection. We boughtย Crab Omelette rice and Phad Thai. We also discovered the food in 7-11 and regretted not finding out about it earlier ๐Ÿ˜› Super in love with the sandwiches from 7-11. I think I will find the same experience in Taiwan (:

2016-05-18 12.14.01

Settled our lunch at Platinum mall’s food hall, along with a sandwich toast from 7-11 ๐Ÿ™‚

On my last day, I made my best purchase for my whole trip – PERSONALISED CAPS!!! Well since only we cousins wear caps occasionally, I decided to make one for each of us using our Instagram names! MORE UNIQUE! Super proud of my purchase. I am so going to wear this cap to Korea โค

2016-05-18 13.38.35

Personalised Caps @ Holycaps. One of my last purchases, & my best purchase during my whole trip!

2016-05-18 17.55.33

Yippee! Personalised Caps for my sister and cousins (:

2016-05-18 20.30.32

DMK airport shops closed quite early and we were only able to buy the Choco Pie from Macs before we took our flight back to reality >.<

We offically came to the end of our short and impromptu trip to Bangkok. It was a much needed break from all the unwanted and self-caused stress I was feeling the past few (or more) months. Glad to have this break to stop and think. Now I am charged up for what is left in SG to do, but am also looking forward to my Korea trip which is happening in less than 4 weeks ๐Ÿ˜›



JanJan X Travel X Korea !!!!!

Grad Trip to Aussie (:

As usual, I unintentionally go on a hiatus from blogging. *I took a long time to this post*

But I am back!!! This time, it is post on my recent trip to Aussie ~~ 8 days trip to Melbourne and Sydney with Gwendaline and Rynn!

2015-09-28 05.26.45

Tried to capture the sunrise, but I wasn’t seated by the window and the window was tainted. Some new technology instead of pulling a shade for the windows. Nevertheless there will still have some nice pictures among the large amount of failed ones.

2015-09-28 12.11.53

Heading from Sydney to Melbourne via domestic flight, we had to rush to catch a train from the international terminal to the domestic terminal within an hour after we alighted the aeroplane. It was my first time travelling in a double-decker train and can transport more people. If only SG had planned with this in mind, we might not have to squeeze to take the trains.


By the time we arrived at our AirBnB apartment, it was already in the late afternoon. We collected our wireless WiFi device before heading out to explore Melbourne CBd.




2015-09-29 11.20.41

The next day, we headed to Queen Victoria Market for Breakfast (which turned into Brunch) and some shopping.ย Got a mini-name plate for my office desk. so cool to see my name being embedded into the name plate (:


One of the places we visited was the Parliament House. However there was always people photobombing my photos. This is one of the best I could find ๐Ÿ˜›


Had not realised that RMIT was within the vicinity of Melbourne CBd. Decided to take a walk in the school campus. I am really in love with the vintage looking buildings in Melbourne. If only I had came here for exchange, but then again I don’t have good grades so it is near impossible to go Australia for exchange.



It was so surreal to see Victoria State Library in person! Everything is so vintage looking and I might even be slightly motivated to study ๐Ÿ˜›




The main highlight of our Melbourne trip was The Great Ocean Road trip. Been on this trip before, but I really love the scenic view it has to offer. We even got to take a helicopter ride along the coast of the 12 Apostles. It wasn’t cheap … yet I felt it was worth the money. Guess I am easily satisfied!






2015-09-30 14.31.36



On our last day in Melbourne, we took the train out to Brighton Beach to see the colorful bathing houses. We took a really long walk along the beach before we reach the first house. No house was identical to the other, and they are mostly brightly coloured.


2015-10-01 10.15.30


One of the things I couldn’t do during my trip was to just spent an afternoon wondering around the neighbour outside the city. The kind of peaceful estate I would like to live in. I might start contemplating migrating to Australia ๐Ÿ˜›




I was commenting to the girls that Australians are very law-abiding. The machine is not man-ed by anyone and everyone taps their card, even little kids! If only the whole world was like this (:

2015-10-01 15.31.35

2015-09-30 22.05.15

Happened to pass by the Victorian State Library on our last night in Melbourne. Lucky me to get to see such a beautiful sight!

Next Stop … SYDNEY!!!!




Immediately after we checked into our AirBnB apartment, we left for Sydney Fish Market. Since we took a late morning flight, we were super hungry. When we saw the delicious food (the picture right above), we were sold! The platter for 2 was a lot but the food was worth it. Since we ate a lot, we decided to walk all the way to Darling Harbor and then to Queen Victoria Building.



I was trying to take a picture of Darling Harbor’s name (below) when Gwen timely blocked the words, and it turned out pretty nice (above) ๐Ÿ˜›



View of Sydney Tower Eye from Darling Harbor bridge. I love this design of a city.



Super vintage looking. The lift in Queen Victoria Building.


Sydney Town Hall


St. Andrew’s Cathedral. It was some bad luck that we visit on the last day of its renovation works. We did try to visit it again on our “extra” last day, but it was a public holiday hence it was still not opened.


That night, we decided to head up to the observation deck to view Sydney at night. Pros and Cons. Night did not look that fantastic but it still looks pretty with all the lights. However I think the city planning was not done very well as there were buildings blocking the night view of Sydney Opera House.



Well… take back half of what I said about city planning. This part of Sydney CBd looks like a shinning star amidst the “lights in the sky”







This is my first time seeing an escalator that is made of wood. Totally surprised ๐Ÿ˜› Looks so cool ~~ hehe. I am easily amused.



On our second day in Sydney, we found this mini flea market opposite our apartment. Most stalls sold bakery products and gardening-related items. Bought mocha and croissant from the stalls for breakfast before heading off to Bondi beach.



2015-10-03 10.13.28

Wanted to cool myself in a way, thanks to the hot weather, so I took off my shoes and took a stroll along the beach. Though I was not able to judge if the incoming wave was huge or mini, thank god the wave did not hit any higher than half my thighs!




Headed over to New South Wales State Library. Gwen and I were totally in love with the design of the library, more than Victoria State Library. For me, I love the idea of the stairs and multi-levels of bookshelves. We even got to enterย Shakespeare’s room thanks to the security guard, as it was only open every Tues. Lucky us (:








Wanted to walk Sydney Harbor Bridge but it costs about AUD$250. To make up for it in a way, we decided to walk the Skywalk @ Sydney Tower Eye. 268m… about the same height as Macau Tower. Hesitant if I can do the Macau Tower Bungee Jump now >.<

Our guide for the walk was an American but she learnt a lot about Sydney in a short span of a few months. She introduced quite a few significant places of attractions, and she also made us do a lot of jump shots on the glass platform. Oh, she also mentioned that St Mary Cathedral was a famous Cathedral to get married in. You actually need to book it 3 years in advance. The girls then joked that I should make a reservation now, head home get a husband, get a BTOB flat and head back to get married in the Cathedral ๐Ÿ˜› What a “prefect” plan! haha.

2015-10-03 17.52.08

2015-10-03 17.55.07

We wanted to catch the sunset view of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, so we doubled our pace through Royal Botanic Garden until we reach the harbor. Worth the effort! & surprisingly my phone takes pretty nice shot of the sunset view ^^




After which, we took a night stroll along the rest of the harbor to get to The Rocks to have dinner at Pancakes on The Rock! The food was nice however for people who love pancakes with ice cream, they might prefer Strictly Pancakes more. Though there was a long queue outside the restaurant, the restaurant was really huge and located in a wharf which has been vacated.


On our third day in Sydney, we were heading to Blue Mountains and needed to leave early so we bought cereal (the night before) for breakfast. If only I had this motivation to eat cereal every day before work.

ย IMG_20151004_065219

Oh totally forgot to mention. I got a shock that morning as my watch and my phone was an hour apart. I thought I had woken up an hour earlier, but when I checked my phone I had woken up on time. Then I realised that it was daylight saving. It occurs every spring/summer in Aussie from first Sunday in October to first Sunday in April. Thank god I synced my phone to automated time and date based on location.

2015-10-04 07.43.36

Using the service of Australia Post to send back the Wireless device ~



We got to take all the rides in Scenic World. First was the Skytram, which had a glass floor for us to look down onto the waterfall. Then we proceeded to take the Cablecar to Walkway at an old mining site, followed by taking the Railway up the mountain.






We got to choose between the three positions. I really wanted to take cliffhanger where I would be literally standing while travelling up parallel along the mountain, however it would be difficult for the girls so I switch to laidback instead.

2015-10-04 10.57.02



What goes better with the nice (golf course) scenery than a Corona! Moreover alcohol products are so much cheaper in Aussie ๐Ÿ˜›



Our 2nd last destination was Featherdale Wildlife. We got to pet Kangaroo, Wallaby and Koala, and saw numerous wildlife, like Tasmanian Devil.







Our last “destination” was on Captain Cooks cruise. I totally did not remember seeing it on the tour iternary, so I was surprised haha. For a person who loves cruise, it was a pleasure experience. Got to see Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the day.







Weather was too hot so we decided to head to a cafe to rest and have a drink. Just nice, we found Lindt Cafe! Not the one at Martin Place though ๐Ÿ˜› The milkshake is super chocolatety.


We kind of got an extra day in Sydney due to plane delay. Managed to do some last min shopping at Central before heading off to the airport! Overall the trip has its ups and downs, but I managed to enjoy myself! Finally got to travel to Aussie and would definitely want to travel there again ((:

June Holidays!!!!

Though it doesn’t really apply to me anymore, but it means i can finally go out with Samantha without that much worrying ๐Ÿ˜›ย We went out for two days in a row. Hehe~~

Day 1 — DBS Movies by the Bay @ Marina Promontoryย 

Went to catch “How to train your dragon 2”. Movie was nice but the screen kept falling down due to the strong wind >.< Also the night scene at Marina is always amazing!!

2015-05-30 19.24.12 2015-05-30 21.32.31

Day 2 — SEA Games 2015 & Karaoke & “San Andreas”

Caught the opening match for Netball — Singapore v.s. Brunei — and I must say the Singapore team is very fast and tall compared to the rest of the teams. They scored 72 points against Brunei’s 17. They use so many light effects just to introduce the teams before the match, as if they have a light show performance before the actual match.

After watching “San Andreas”, Samantha commented that she willย neverย ever go to California in her whole life. Exaggeration hahahaha !!!!!!!! There is so much to explore in California as compared to a mere earthquake.ย I believe in some years later, she will change her mind.

2015-05-31 13.57.392015-05-31 12.07.36

2015-05-31 16.13.14

I am back ^^

It has been 5 days since I got back from South Korean. I seems like I have not left for the past 5 months haha. Slowly easing back into life in SG. Just haven been back to SMU and I kind of promise my mum that I need to “stay away” from there more often haha (:

[Travelling] 6th to 9th August

6th August: Sinchon & Edae

We wanted to queue for the cream bun that only opens from 12pm to 12.20pm, but we already predicted that we would not wake up in time to reach there. In the end we overslept till 12pm plus. Went to Sinchon for desert first before we start shopping. I think what Fang say is right, I bought what I want from this season so I have nothing to buy today. We slacked at Donkin since it was raining heavily. Then we went to Seoga & Cook for dinner. Missed it a lot(:


7th August: Meet up with Bernice

Got to sleep in late today before slacking and watching shows till it was time for me to meet Bernice. Since Bernice wanted BBQ meat, I decided to meet her at Hongdae to BBQ meat buffet. Rare occasion to meet a Singaporean in a foreign country. Had a great time catching up and her telling me about her adventures in Korea thus far. We did a bit of shopping around Hongdae before we both went home.


2014-08-07 20.50.12



8th August:ย Embassyย of Singapore & Myeongdong

We headed to Embassy of Singapore at City Hall station. Before we arrived, we were quite excited hoping to get a Singapore Flag as National Day is tomorrow but it turned out that they did not have any flags. The building is really atas lor, the toilet too!!!

When we were at the Seoul Finance Building, we saw a group of people resting with mats and hats outside the building while policemen were standing nearby. Have not seen any protest before, and hoping not to ๐Ÿ˜›

2014-08-08 14.48.35

2014-08-08 14.48.54

2014-08-08 14.54.26


We separated and walked around to get what one another want. Since I really had nothing to get (though we had gotten our rent deposit back), I decided to get some snacks to eat. Thanks to the 32cm ice cream and the need to wash my hand, I aimlessly walked around myeongdong thinking that there was some KFC or Mcdonald’s which I could use the toilet. Suddenly I saw camera and screens, so I figured that there should be some drama filming. I even asked in Korean to figure out who was filming. The lady told me the two names and I initially only caught one name, Lee Seo Jin. Only after I typed to the girls then I knew that they were filming Wonderful Days and that the lady was Kim Hee Sun. I immediately texted my mum and send her the photos ^^ Such a nice present from Korea before we leave.

2014-08-08 16.57.50

2014-08-08 16.58.27

2014-08-08 16.58.32


ย 9th August: Ahjumma storeย & Incheon Int’l Airport

My last day in South Korea! We finish washing up and packing our stuff in record time of 1 hour, compared to our usual 2 hours ๐Ÿ˜› Hehe. I bet we were all too excited to go home. We went to the Ahjumma’s store for our last proper meal in Seoul. Had one of my favourite … Guguma Tonkatsu (Sweet Potato Pork Cutlet). We spent about an hour to clear the apartment and watch one ep of Running man before we left for the airport.

2014-08-09 14.19.35

2014-08-09 14.20.44

When we arrived at the airport, we had to settle our visa card as we overstayed in South Korea. Luckily the officer was in a good mood and we settled it quite fast. When we went back to the check-in counters, they kindly directed us to another counter so that we do not need to queue again to check -in. All of us, except me, exceeded the weight limit by 2-3kg. I think it was because of my luggage size that help to limit me from putting too much into my luggage. My hand luggage on the other hand exceeded by 1kg but they let me pass, i guess it was because we were on our way back from a long stay hence they agreed to let us go ๐Ÿ˜›

Watched movies and listen to music mv on the plane. After a while we got kind of bored and started talking to the lady sit next to Fang and I. & she is a Singaporean. We found out that she is a shop owner of a blog shop at Far East Plaza and was bringing in clothes from South Korea, maybe I can go that to get some new stocks from South Korea ^^

Okie really tired from the night flight. Off to Lalaland ~~