New life in Singapore Cancer Society (:

Next Monday marks the completion of my 3 months’ probation with Singapore Cancer Society and I will officially become a full-time staff. Okie, technically my boss has already done the review with me and I have the letter of confirmation (somewhere in my house). Plus I have signed the agreement of 3 years bond with Singapore Cancer Society, under the PCP SW by NCSS and Workforce SG. Now I kind of have an “iron rice bowl” for the next 3 years. Of course, that’s provided I pass my classes which most people tell me that it should not be a problem~ 😛

There are pros and cons to every job out there. Let’s start with the bad things first.

  • There seem to be some “down” time as it takes a while for us to receive documents. Thus I have to act “busy” at times and it just makes me sleepy and feel bad too.
  • There is so many things about cancer I do not know. I have to frequently google the medical terms to ensure I get the right medication and understanding. I wonder when will I be able to understand everything. >.<

Now for the good things.

  • I guess it wasn’t a bad thing that I started working with AIC first. Learned a lot about the ground management and the policy making. It has helped me in doing my assessment for financial assistance and know where to get a more accurate answer which we need.
  • No more after-office hours and weekends burned to go for meetings and support events. Occasionally there is one or two, but still not a lot like before. This means more time to catch up with friends and spend my weekends cultivating my favourite pastimes, i.e. reading and cross-stitching, and new hobbies, i.e. amigurumi and building Lego sets.
  • I get to study to be accredited as a social worker, one of the profession I want to try and hopefully exceed in. Plus the government pays 90% of my course fees and I just have to pay 10%.

Well that’s all I can think of for now. What can I say, I am a simple girl who wants to live a simple life as much as I can. (:

My journey in Agency for Integrated Care!

My first day @ AIC

I can clearly remember my first day at AIC. I made sure that I arrived before 8.30am so that I was not late for my first day of work. For the first half of the day, I sat through a briefing by HR and I thought to myself, “I guess this is something I would have to go through every time I joined a new job. Oh my god. I am already thinking of my next job. Ha.”

I was welcomed with a red file at my desk which provided me with a quick intro into CE’s work. My first neighbour was very kind to send me 10+ pages (I believe) of acronyms used in AIC. I was kind of overwhelmed by the huge amount of acronyms which I needed to get used to (which I have yet to learn all even by the time I left, let alone the newer ones).

CE’s work was largely on presentations and managing referrals for AIC’s financial schemes (and anything related to community). I had a crash course on the main schemes which CE would publicise to the community. Before the day was up, I was already tasked to help out with a presentation to a VWO. Thank god, I was not the one representing.

By the end of the day, I actually felt relaxed and confident that I will be able to conquer what is tasked to me!


During my 1.5 years @ AIC

I had thought it would be a steep learning curve for me as I had zero knowledge of healthcare. However my job did not require massive knowledge on healthcare to be able to do my work well and I was able to learn along the way quite quickly. I would say that I was blessed to have been assigned to do some difficult (at least to me) projects which allowed me to learn.

I am not a techie person though I was the youngest in the team. So when I was assigned to do a few techie projects, I almost wanted to die. My first thought was, “where on earth do I even start?” Well, I am thankful for Design Thinking & Innovation class which taught me to start on a blank sheet, let my creative juices flow and not shoot down any ideas until you are done brainstorming (or think you are done). Also, my team was always ready to chip in and help guide me to the end product that we would like to be using. Though there are some regrets that I was unable to see the projects take-off, it had sparked my interest to learn more, especially advancement in technology.

Though SMU had prepared me well for presentation, I think the lack of knowledge had initially make me nervous for presentations, especially the ones to MPs. I was pretty afraid of not being able to answer their questions or giving wrong information. Slowly, I had managed to overcome the nervousness and conduct presentations smoothly, even to the public. However as I supported community events in the heartlands, the desire to work closely and directly with the beneficiary grew stronger. I wanted to be able to help in more than just health and financial issue, but help them look at the big picture and achieve their goals.

Hence I decided to cut short my stay in AIC to learn new skills and venture into other roles out there to help the community, especially families.


My last day @ AIC

The last month was when I could really breath, and along with the fact that I went on a holiday to Nepal for 1.5 weeks during my last month. Updating my handover file and ensuring proper documentation was all I needed to do for my last few days. That was the second time I felt relaxed.

My last day’s morning was spent sending out my last few emails to complete the handover of all my projects, as well as my thank you email to everyone. Once lunch was over, I was busy heading out to the various office to get their signature and return company assets. By 3pm, I was done. My team had a mini farewell for me, before I took my last walk out of AIC’s main doors.

I was grateful and sad to leave this amazing team. I will miss them dearly. My Niang Jia.

6-months mark @ my first job!

Ever since I joined SICS Management Committee, I was determined to find a job (or of similar scope) to work in. Even if it is only for a short period. Thankfully I actually found one, with my school manager’s help and 4 years of “training” by SMU.

As of 3rd Feb, I have completed my 6 months probation at Agency for Integrated Care. Still pending that confirmation letter 😛 Of course it was difficult to absorb all the schemes and services AIC offers and understand the healthcare landscape when I have not really been involved in it. I think the closes I have been to healthcare was doing volunteering work at Hospice and Nursing Homes, and learning bits and bits of the operations.

It has definitely been a fun experience thus far. Serving the ageing population in Singapore, learning how “the ground” works, improving my communications skills, gaining new skills/knowledge, etc. Following close to what i believe, there is no end to learning and I should never close my doors to any opportunity to learn.

However there is bound to have some difficulties i need to face, and it might even make me want to stop learning and just cruise along. But… somehow i just can not do that and have been thinking of solutions to overcome those difficulties ~

My first job — Working @ AIC

It has been 4 months since I started work at AIC.

Totally understand the feeling of wanting back the school days (especially University days) as you will get all the time in a day and do whatever you would like to do. However there is also the feeling of wanting the pay from the working days so that your expenses are funded. The big dilemma. I guess the best situation to achieve that is to be paid to study. But that would kill me more because studying should be something I would want  voluntarily.

I still remember the initial few weeks, i just went home immediately as I was so tired and totally not used to the 9-5 hours. Well slowly getting used to the “rhythm” of full time work and “catching up” with all the gatherings.

SICS 5th MC gathering @ Strictly Pancakes


SOCSC Class of 2015 (#55shorts) gathering @ Jean’s place


Family gathering to celebrate Popo’s 76th Birthday @ my place 

2015-11-30 21.05.27

Thankfully I am in the mood to gear up for more gatherings with Christmas and New Year’s round the corner.


Till the next post ~~~ ((:

Morning Star Student Care (:

I have no idea what made me think that I was able to work at a student care centre and handle all the kids. Haix ~

I have conflicted feelings when handling the kids. At times, I need to be strict with them to teach them certain values and manners. At times, I feel like I need to cut them some slack as I have been there before, and do not really like to be controlled by. I think I need to work for a week or so more, before I can master the “push-and-pull” technique in handling kids.

I have also been moving from centre to centre, and it is slightly troublesome for me to learn all the “traditions” in that particular centre within that short span of time given to me. I hope I get a more fixed centre soon. So that I don’t have conflicting instructions floating in my head 😛